My poetry is ...


Joy, rebellion, forgiveness

life, wisdom, love


Destined winged music that cooed my heart

The cry that fertilized the earth when the sun dawned

Hope, disappointment,

the pain that hurt me in some corner


The line of life, and also the betrayal where one day I’d wake

listening to prayers that my death will announce


Poor dreams of mine...

...and my hands white outline their cries


My poetry is...


The immortal salve

A reflection tattooed on a crystal

Everything that I couldn’t achieve



My poetry is ...


The tacit friends that read me out of curiosity

The awakening of my soul that doesn’t know how to be silent

The innocence, the eternity


My poetry is ...


The clandestine doubt punished by some traitor

The crown of thorns for affection of God

A strange glow in my eyes

The words turned into allegories

The love that multiplies divine blessings

where the kiss that will be given on the next date whispers,


Because art persists in my veins,

on my extremes, in my roots

Because the swans would mourn its decline

Because fiber of their kisses persevere

Because my heart would yell if it footsteps don’t follow me


Something big, which is nested in my chest,

calms me and gives me wisdom,

that tickles my fingers and fills me with divine will


My poetry is...

A hospitable embrace

The rose that cuddles with love in my bosom


My poetry is...

What it is

What will be


©Noris Roberts








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<Deleted User> (6895)

Sat 22nd Dec 2012 23:15

How the flip we nearly missed this gem Noris,only goes to prove that its time for us old stiffs to get ourselves booked into specsavers asap!

Your best one ever-fantastic!!xx

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