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I've just had a letter I thought I*d mention,

From that government department that pays my pension.

It seems that as I reach four score

They want to pay me 25p. more!


Their correspondence came as a surprise

Such official largesse brought tears to my eyes

Not least in times of fraught economy

Did I expect to see such generosity!


So. dear readers, when you approach eighty,

Expect to receive an envelope weighty.....

Explaining in detail why they see

You're deserving of their 25p.





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M.C. Newberry

Thu 29th Feb 2024 18:55

Thanks for the comments/likes. Aren't you impressed by the fact
that as you reach such an event in your life (and I wish you
the best in that regard), the government is prepared to add
such a memorable financial recognition to the occasion whilst
obliging the payment of a tax in the form of an obligatory TV licence in your "sans eyes, sans teeth" etc., dotage? 😏

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Stephen Atkinson

Tue 27th Feb 2024 23:06

You used to get loads of sweets in a 25p mix up off the ice cream van years ago, M.C. Maybe you still can...

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 27th Feb 2024 17:00

Nicely written, MC. Don't knock it!

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Reggie's Ghost

Tue 27th Feb 2024 15:21

Ungrateful wretch!!!

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 27th Feb 2024 12:44

Thank you MC.
I'm sure you could knock up a good square meal for that amount!😉

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