Mental Slavery

No one gives a fuck

I don't give a fuck, you don't give a fuck

She dont give a fuck

So why are you crying?

Why are you sobbing in pain?

SIlently gasping for air that

You just said you don't give a fuck about

Like air is not abundant 

Like you are not abundance!

You don't give a fuck about your damn self

Your damned existence


And just where will you go?

With your tail tucked in betweeen your legs


And just where will you end up?

You are all talk if you wanted to leave

You would have been gone by now

If you wanted to go

You would get up and fucking leave 

But EVEN THAT! You do not know how to do...

SO sit down, shut the fuck up and stay STUCK

Frozen in your delusion

The mental entrapment you do so well

To yourself

Your master has taught you so well

Good little bitch here's a treat

Let me take the shakles off of your neck and your wrist

For you ain't going 


So now let me kick you in your stomach 

As you howl at the moon

And your babies bleed out of your womb

They bleed onto the ground

I bury them in the backyard as I spit on their grave


I sick my dogs on the graves so that they can dig them up

And eat them


I keep you tied up in the basement

And rape you daily 

You are helpless, selfless

Lifeless as you lie on the ground


Mommy couldn't protect you

Please forgive me 

He would hang me from the ceiling 

And beat my babies out of my belly

Please God protect me

Protect my babies for I have failed

For the one that keeps me enslaved

Is the one I love


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