My Mother

Insanity is when you love someone so much, you help them destroy you by trying to save them. -Unknown


Eye am insane for my Mother’s love

My Mother’s love

Is the love eye accepted into my heart

As my Mommy carried me, she fed me

Soothed me, protected me

And brought me

Into the physical plane healthy and safe

Thank you Mommy,

You are the first God eye know

My heart yearns for

A Mother’s love because

It is so sweet, warm, yummy and cozy

Or so that’s how eye see it

Through my naive rose colored glasses

My Mother’s love

Is the love eye accepted into my soul

As to what eye deserved and accepted from life

My mother accepts that she deserves


That she is worth


My mother accepts that her body is meaningless

And she offered it freely to undeserving men

My mother accepts the ridicule and harassment

Of negative vibrations

Eye accepted the love

Of my Mother’s tortured soul

Oh how my heart aches

For the amount of love

My mother believes she deserves

Momma eye love you, Darling

Eye love you for your father

Who failed to love you

The way a little girl needs

Her father to love her in order to bloom

Eyem sorry your father failed to love you

The way my father loves me

Eye love you for every man

That failed to show you

Dear women that you have worth

And left you with a baby that made

You feel like you wanted to die

Crawl into a cave and die

Eyem sorry so many men hurt you and failed you

Momma eye love you enough

To break your self proclaimed chains on my soul

Of your self inflicted pain

With my love

Eye choose to show you

How bright your creation can glow

And how a woman claims love into her being

Like a concrete planted Rose

Watch me grow, Momma

When no one even cared

Eye rose from my chains

Eye learned to breathe fresh air

And bloom in the beautiful Sun

Because we are worthy Black Womban

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Wed 31st Oct 2018 16:20

Thank you Taylor ?

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 30th Oct 2018 06:37

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing ?

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