The unattainable spark of life

A star in the sky with its tail wrapped around your eye

Spreads its light into you like a song that has just started playing

A song of hope and hopeless praying

and the only thing that could be heard

was the utter silence of never said words


Will you fly and reach the sky

or will the celestial come nearby

or will the two meet in the middle

as if the lover’s voices met in a sigh


But the celestial is not to hear you

it is not to sigh

its love is a colorful sky and you are not to get a hue

you are to be 

a patient old and wise tree

that is wise enough to know the star will never reach the ground

but the love of one is enough to bound

you to the dreams that will never be found

loveunrequited love

◄ How to love thyself?

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