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Cause I remember

Do you remember when we were kids

and time was just a staircase we couldn’t wait to get to the top of

A bunch of spoiled kids with lives of pure bliss

impatient, immature, imperfect moments of the past in place

Pictures of a camera, all frozen in such haste


Do you remember when we would play hide and seek

I would hide all of me and you would come and find 

see me and still love me completely with the heart of a child

and when I followed your traces and found you, what a smile you would give me

Didn’t matter who lost or who won, all we felt was a dainty glee


Do you remember when we would fight

Punches, kicks and slaps falling on us like drops on a rainy night

But so light it was not pain you would feel, just aflight 

We wouldn’t even cry to the shameful glance of a mirror

Our balloon of a soul in the sky was always nearer 


Do you remember when we started to fall apart

My fear hiding under the bed was crawling out with a plan of a new start

But nothing was better than leaving me, nothing in our hearts could be rhymed

I lost you piece by piece as if the winged leaves of fall all aligned


You went onto new journeys as if it was always timed


Do you remember, do you remember when you left me behind?


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