Write a happy poem she said

Why has no one ever loved me the way I love you?

Why am I on top of a hill no one wants to climb?

Why am I a chest of gold no pirate wants to find?

Why am I a question without an answer?

Why am I on top of a table, a dancer, and no one’s interested?

Why am I in a prison arrested?

Why am I always stuck in my mind, behind the bars of nerves?

Why am I left without words?

Why is this poem just dumb questions and there’s nothing else it can tell?

Why am I so good, sexy as hell?

Why did I suddenly become narcissistic, character arc just fell?

Why am I so fucking amazing, creative, funny just impeccable?

Why is the only word that rhymes peccable?

Why does she want something hopeful for me to write?

When she knows my whole personality is just a depressed goodnight?

Why did I just break my streaks of why?

Why didn’t I just say goodbye and end the goddamn poem?

Why do I need to rhyme everything, bro hymn?

Why can’t I be hopeful, like a sun about to rise, a sky of orange?

oh no.

Why has no one ever loved me the way I love you?

I think I get it now. Kimono


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