Close the door

What’s really nice about a door is that you can close it

you can leave all your worries, fears, heartbreaks outside

and just close the door

feel safety, comfort inside

a tiny little room that is all yours

a tower up on a hill that no one can climb

inside of a mirror, where it is just you and you and you

a prison cell with only one bed

and it isn’t so bad at first

but you still can’t get through

you think she won’t judge or hurt you like the rest of the world

but she does doesn’t she

she hurts you more than anyone ever has

a red cross for all your mistakes

and zero ticks given

you wouldn’t think someone would hurt you if they can feel the pain too

but that’s especially when they do it

it’s their tick, their sense of knowing that they aren’t assholes

they felt the pain too but they just had to do it

you just had to die so they can live

you had to run so they can chase

you had to cry so they can wipe away the tears

You had to get inside the room so they can lock it

and you can stay in there

a happily ever after

a room with the sun inside 

where the night never sets

a room where you can breathe

a room where you can smile, look pretty, cry

where you can stare at the mirror

and see the person holding your keys

it is as if you’re that person in the horror movie

that can survive as long as you’re brave

as long as you keep looking at the places the audience yells at you not to look at

as long as you keep yelling for help when you should be quiet

but the thing is the more you see the safer you are

you are the main character

you can’t die

you are what people follow with their eye

and the moment you’re gone

they know you’re gone for good

and the movie’s over

so just stay on the screen and be brave

keep looking for things you probably shouldn’t

scratch your way out of this hellhole you’re in

but whatever you do

don’t be gone

don’t leave the screen 

don’t unlock

no, you stay in there

no matter how scary it might get

no matter how much it might hurt

how can you know if outside is better

at least here you have a million and two eyes

watching your every move 

witnessing all your pain

your little scars of proof

cause how else are you gonna prove

that it wasn’t you that put these marks on your leg

how else are they gonna believe

that you want to leave but can’t

cause what’s nice about a door is that you can’t open it

and you’re stuck in there forever with the person scratching your legs

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