I used to love you

it was like a fire 

spreading across my body

Every smile you gave me 

another piece of wood added to the pile

and oh did it burn

but the sad truth is

that love comes in pairs

and you had already found yours

and mine

my love 

it lost its colour

that beautiful glowing blood red

slowly faded and faded

like a rose without its soil

until there was nothing but the thorns left

now it is just pain

it’s like the fire has started to burn me now

and I want it gone

so badly

but every once in a while

I feel that glimpse of faith again

like the other day

when you said goodbye to me

touched my shoulder and smiled

it was if the thorns were seeds of hope

waiting and waiting for the next time

the next time my heart would skip a beat

and in that instant

tiny little flowers grew from the thorns

maybe not as beautiful, not glowy

but still a red

felt nice 

until I realised

now I have to kill even more 

and there will be even more hopes

will it ever come to an end

will there ever be a day

where I will give you my rose

before it has left me too

and will there ever be a day

where you’ll actually want it?

I hope so

but I wish I didn’t. 


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