Cause I Can't Remember

The wind has flown and the pieces of sand are in the night sky

The moon has left and the sun’s waiting for her turn to arrive

The frog has jumped from leaf to leaf and has left ripples nearby

For these ripples have seamlessly blended that I don’t remember 

I don’t remember from where these red roses have become mine


I have watched by the years as if they were places on a map

My umbrella helping me fly from one X to another 

My umbrella stealing my colours all lost for forever

New vivid palettes are to be made, just how do I gather

But when I don’t remember, I don’t remember to scatter


The cracks on the mirror have disappeared, but why, to where?

The cocoon is now revealed, a butterfly in the air 

What dripped into the bucket has now become a puffy cloud

But why is there no storm, no rain the read the sins aloud

But why do I not remember the sounds of raindrops endowed


Do I not remember how dark it gets when you close the lights

Do I not remember the traffic inside one's mind 

Do I not remember the metallic taste of a bite

Do I not remember the beautiful glow of fire so bright

Why do I not remember, not remember despite


Where and who is this thief

the one that blows the candles and steals your time

your vivid pictures all mimed

oh but how do you harvest, make alight

the meaning of it all behind


retain the taste of your soul

take a breath in and feel you whole

without the numbness inside

oblivion of memories that hide

in corners and turns of your mind


oh but how do I find them

when I am nothing but blind

to the horrible past that lies behind

I’ve forgotten, I’ve lost

the little girl that I crossed

when I let her hand go

when she needed me the most


oh but how do I find her again

you say really soon

but when, but when?


I am all but lost memories

sailing into the unknown

into forgetfulness

but how do I find the little pretty hope

when I’m all but alone


How does one find someone

when they don’t know

when it is all but forgotten

for what used to be their face is now all rotten

And your mind has become a mirror

where you cannot find hither 

where all your memories are with her

but are they all lost, all lost for forever?

but how do I get them back?

how do I remember, how do I remember?



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