How to love thyself?

Made a painting

it isn’t too big or too small

too fancy or too empty

just the right peaceful amount of boring

grabbed an old dusty brush

and buried it in pink

like the cheeks of a smile covered in blush

covered it all

all the sadness all the hate

anything too dark to make me feel small

covered it all so I could forget

leave it all behind 

as if it was someone else’s colours and not mine

but no matter how much paint is used

the pain is to remain in the texture

for there shall be no truce

between the victim and the abuse

it shall always leave a mark behind

but isn’t that the beauty that lies 

for the one that lies and lies till you’re nothing but wise

because the worst thing about pain is when the memory is only yours

and you’ve got no wound, no scar

to show them “this, this is where you hurt me”

so let the texture be a telescope and you the star

let them analyze, see for themselves, and set you free

let them see, touch, and feel the pain they’ve caused thee

for it is the texture that makes it feel real

that makes it worth everything and gives the appeal

don’t you feel guilty of your tears

for they are your little scars of proof

not everything needs repairs

sometimes all you need is a little pink 

and you just cover them all up, shut down their little lies

but you make sure you don’t cover your eyes

don’t let the brush reach you

you are the beauty

you and you all through

don’t let them take your smile away

when you have worked so hard

so hard to be okay

you are whom is with you all through the pain

sometimes the sole person to remain

so don’t you dare, don’t you dare complain

to the stranger that lives in your brain

get to know them instead

learn all their beauties, all their ugliness

learn what makes them so goddamn amazing

and love it completely with no need for rephrasing

love all their accomplishments and all their mistakes

for they will be with you when you’re to be gone

when your picture of reality shakes

let your soulmate be the person on the mirror

so your happily ever after can be much nearer

and any time you get a glimpse of texture

you’ll know that you can still hear her

and she’s ready to be even happier


self lovelove

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