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Small Promises

Out there beyond the hill

Lights twinkle in time with distant voices

Preparing for the new year,

Making small promises of things to come,

Promising small victories of things to overcome.


What will they remember

When they look back at the year,

The fickle promises collapsing around them

Or the achievements made,

Or the constant redirections to get them through anothe...

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Recurring Dream

A recurring dream of anyone but you

To be loved, seduced, wanted

To be intimate in a way you can’t provide

There’s so much to life I’m missing


The usual comforts push away the desire,

Schedules forbid connection;

Sparks fly, 

The flame grows, 

And something forces us back together


I push you away for a reason

We only share the same space

Fleeting chemistr...

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Cold Rushing In

I open the doors

On a winter’s night

The cold rushes in

Exposing the fragility of my plight.


I’ll never learn.

Always the one to run

Too far, too fast

Into someone else.

Immersing myself as I did in the past.


I should take heed,

Call it quits,

Just breathe

And walk away.

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You want her
She wants you, too
A million miles between you 
An ocean of desire rises you 
Tidal waves rock you back and forth
How will you ever reach that shore
You keep hoping for more


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How We Begin

We arrange to meet in that room,

The one with the two armchairs,

A bed, and a shower.

We swap breathless monologues

Then we begin.


The unbuttoning of my blouse,

Kisses going down my neck,

Hands upon my chest,

Our bodies speak in thrusts.

I’ve been waiting for a moment like this


Eyes locked tight, mouths open,

Fingers tracing every curve,

Feeling breath...

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I’m alone

But I feel you

You’re near me

You’re inside me

I feel your touch

I smell your skin

It comforts me

Then suddenly you’re gone

And I’m all alone again.

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In the Dead of Winter

These paths I walk all lead to snow

White embankments filled with fluff

Masking the truth underneath

Holding us back three feet deep


When will they release me

Keeping me here like a prisoner

Don't they see I want out

The ground is frozen

I can't move my fibers of life

Shake, shake me out of this frozen tundra

I'm itching for a new beginning 


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Wine Thursday

It’s Wine Thursday
It’s a day for me and you
To grab a lunch 
And have a drink or two

We exchange a few pleasantries
A few stories to pass the time
Each one to keep the other amused
Keep it light to lighten the mood

After the first glass
We pour a little more
You say you could take the whole bottle
And it still wouldn’t be enough

I’m at the end of my second glass
My nose starts ...

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Weekly Sessions

Slowly she enters the room and approaches the bed

She’s not feeling too keen on much else than having poetry read.


She opens the book,

Scans the room,

And gives you the look

To proceed.


Your breathless monologues are what she needs.

She’s not looking for more,

Only for your words.


Your voice begins to trigger sensations down below

As she closes her eyes...

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Climbing up the Walls

You discover them

one by one

climbing up the walls

searching for something to satisfy their hunger


They gather there

smelling the sweetness calling them

they see their chance

a long journey has taken place


Will they reach their target

or will they be wiped out

only to start over again

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I catch myself daydreaming

When I look at you

Only an instant away from holding you

But I don’t


I catch myself daydreaming

When I receive your words

I could respond so sweetly

But I don’t


You catch me by surprise

At every moment

I hold back and remind myself,

I can’t fall in love with you


I catch myself daydreaming

Of our times together when yo...

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Looking Back

If you could go back

What would you say

Would it be the same

Would you give it another day?


Begin again, they say

Do something new

If it’s not working out

Start with what’s in front of you


I want to call out to you

I want to crawl back into your arms

Listen to your heart pounding whenever I’m near

I want to hear the words again

When you whispered in my...

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Name That Tune

Names change
Pictures fade
Words disappear 
Nothing’s the same here
Except for the song
It’s the tune I’ve known all along 

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His heart is hollow
Always needing a fill
Searching for the next inspiration 
For his words to spill

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So delicate
Feeling deeply within
Every wound that I bare
Lashes my core to no end

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The Train

The train was moving too fast
I needed to get off 
Before the crash
I needed to get out 
We needed each other 
To enjoy the ride
But it couldn’t last
The train was moving too fast

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