Tears of a Poet

When I think of Carlos, 
a beautiful soul of a man, 
emotional, heartfelt poetry bleeds through 
Tears creep on the brink of every reading 
His hand held over his heart to keep it in 
He makes a mark wherever he goes 
The rhythm of his words flow 
And it leaves you speechless 
All you can mouth is ‘wow…’ 

Pondering over poems to capture what I believe in 
A work of art always in progress 
Instead of writing, I digress 
I want the poems to come to me 
It should be so easy 
Poems used to flow without trying 
Have I run out of reasons for writing?

‘Dreams are boats’ one poet says 
It leaves me wondering, 
Have her dreams already sailed on? 
Are they docked and staying afloat? 
Has she a ticket to the party boat of dreams? 
Or have her dreams met the fate of the Titanic?

Whichever type it is, big or small, 
and the condition it may be, 
It got me thinking 
And that’s what beautiful imagery does in poetry 
It leaves you wondering, wanting to dig deeper 
If there’s no wonder, no mystery, why bother in the attempts of poetry?


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Dan Holtan

Mon 5th Oct 2020 16:35

Jot down a thought
A word or a feeling
Return when you're
Ready to relax and let us peek inside

<Deleted User> (24283)

Mon 5th Oct 2020 05:23

Emotions makes a poets soul. Fireworks within?

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