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Drowning Our Sorrows

The forests burn as funeral pyres for all our hopeless lost tomorrows,
While we sit and moan about the inconvenience of our day,
The ice melts and the waters rise as we literally drown our sorrows,
And, “It’s not down to us to sort this fucking mess.” Is all we can say,
Apathy infects our souls just as much as Covid,
It leaks from every pore as rainwater to a grate,
And our sense of urgency ...

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Severed Ties

Held together by the ties that bind, all the more important ‘cos we rigged the knots ourselves, 
Yesterday is lost and to tomorrow we are blind, so together we would face all that enraptures and repels,
And through the years it helped us put the worst behind, and enjoy the best, although it came in too brief spells,
But our tethers became weathered by the daily grind, and the frailest of all th...

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Profer The Hand That Saves

We’re bleeding from every pore and laceration, and we lap at the blood, without hesitation,
And all we can offer in return is frustration, that there isn’t more for our exploitation,
And if all we ever wanted was to take, take, take, then why does it feel like such a big mistake?
Maybe it’s time to slam on the brake, and admit the deep depravity of our mistake,
Or maybe just admit the possibil...

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Smell The Roses

It’s so important in life to make time to stop and, “Smell the roses,”
To break away from the every day and rest your mind from it’s perturbations,
Be grateful for their beauty and their gentle scent upon your noses,
And kind enough to plant some seeds for future generations, 
We all need time to sit and rest, lost in thoughts of better moments, 
To ease our weary minds of the troubles we liv...

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