Sexy at Sixty to (Sexy at Seventy)

I was fit and feisty at fifty
It was no big deal
Because that's how half a century
Is supposed to feel.

In my seventies, I'll take stock
Start making great plans
Ignoring all the 'you can'ts'
And embracing all the 'I cans'.

Can I be sexy at seventy?
And try all the fashions and fads
Wear stockings and suspenders
And Joan Collins shoulder pads.

I can deal with sexy at seventy
And wear Vivienne Westwood clothes
Dress up and go out on the town
Wearing all my buttons and bows.

I'm going to be sexy at seventy
I'll wear Gok Wan lingerie
Find myself a toyboy
Then maybe lead him astray.

Swift and sexy at seventy
When I get my Jimmy Choos
Dancing the night away
To the sound of Rhythm and Blues.

Oh! I want to be sexy at seventy
'cause age is a state of mind
I'm preparing my body at keep fit
So as not to be left behind.

But first, I have to deal with
Old skin, Bad teeth and Grey hair
Then remove the unwanted growths
From just about everywhere.

Then I'll definitely be sexy at seventy
And undoubtedly done it all
The only problem is that
Most of it I simply won't recall..

© Hazel

( A decade on and changed sixty to seventy)

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 25th Oct 2018 17:31

Of course Hazel as long as you split the bill.

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Dave Bradley

Mon 4th Mar 2013 16:20

Hi Hazel

I enjoyed this and concur with the sentiments!!

Dave (age 60)

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Rodney Wood

Sun 3rd Mar 2013 17:02

Sixty is supposed to be the sexiest age where a lifetime's experience kicks in. Your last line shouls therefore be positive rather than one made for cheap laughs.

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