Stout is the drink that I savour

A glass full of chocolate flavour,

The glass to my lips  -  What a kiss

Down it goes just like bliss.


The devils liquid I have named it

Joining Camra is the culprit

I buy one more and then I think

Oh! The consequence of another drink.


Oh dear! empty glasses

My how quickly time passes,

Stout, my love another jar

As I make my way to the wooden bar.


Stout to me you are a winner

Now I am a stout sinner

I used to be a wine drinker

Stout  I'm hooked - line and sinker. 

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Fri 24th Apr 2015 10:49

Thanks for the comment John. I'm thinking of going teetotal after having a bad allergic reaction to some mild.

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John Coopey

Thu 23rd Apr 2015 22:20

Not stout for me, I'm afraid, Hazel. My favourite was Gales HSB. Perished now, I believe. Taken over by Fullers.
They say we all drink the same amount in a lifetime and I reached my quota quite early; so I could stop. I've been teetotal for 20 years.

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