Sad Story

It’s a story I know all too well,

Of a fairy tale losing its grip on the script,

We lost our love and now where just strangers with a past.


And It seems to me that it’s written all wrong,

That I could just walk on by without even the slightest touch,

Yet I still look back just to see you not looking back at me,

And I wish you knew this emptiness I feel,

Because behind these fake smiles,

I’m missing everything we could’ve been,

Everything we use to be,

But you let me go


Know realising there were more good times then bad

these memories run riot inside my head,

There all tattered and torn like old photos lost in time,

There of a stranger in my past that I thought I couldn’t let go of.


But still time passes like the wind through the trees,

And those leaves are carried away falling free,

Cause time heals everything,

Even a broken heart,

And It’s still a shame you let it all go,

Cause I know that one day I’ll pass you by,

See you looking back at me but sadly will just be,

Strangers with a past,

Our love lost in time,

And too far out of our reach this time. 

◄ Mystery man

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