Kings and Queens

There is no point in denying it, it evades me the love i seek, i want, i push away and as if mistakes I've made appeared virtuous and un-troubled at a time i hold onto regrets that were never meant to be mine

And the ignorance is bliss it becomes me holds me prisoner against time feeling nothing forgetting everything taking more and more but gaining little to none

And this power we seek is a secret drives people insane theres nothing to do then quicken the pace down a slippery slop, but dont forget the demonds that lie awake in the shadows they prey illusionists that wait, changing minds maybe there to blame for a feeling thats over whelmed me gradually taking place its a dark dead end game im trying to play

But lusts my love, i swear it feels the same a visible delusion i fear indulgence to blame

Holding, taking,sliding, fading I've lost the battle i once won taken prisoner by the wrongs i have done, i cant escape whats to come for fear is no illusion and courage not mine, for i have no course but my own to look upon, the blame is all mine.

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<Deleted User> (6895)

Wed 8th Jan 2014 19:29

ugh!that'holding onto regrets'-sooo soul destroying!and not so easy to relinquish.

Very nice/sad poem Emmy.
Best wishes-Patricia and Stef.xx

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