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Breaking all the rules

Caught out im pretty sure, 

i already knew that we were bound to hit a wall,

crash and burn not break through,


cause we went to fast, 

changed gears to soon, 

forgot our limits, 

maybe my respect to 


And i remember you saying the chase is all you love,

shame it all ends there,

cause this game of hearts i've never been good at, 

it was never going to be fair, 

cause your a proffesional gamer, 

been doing this to long 

blinded by bad experiences that you put your self through, 


Causing us to go to fast, 

to change gears to soon, 

to forget our limits, 

maybe my respect to, 


Though i can't help but think,

we lost out possibly made a mistake, 

cause i thought i was good for you, 

but even i couldnt slow us down, 

stop us from breaking all the rules.  


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<Deleted User> (6315)

Wed 26th Jun 2013 11:42

And i remember you saying the chase is all you love,.....whoosh Emmy! Says it all I think..annnd possibly that you had a lucky escape!

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 25th Jun 2013 21:44

Hello Emmy, welcome to WOL
As you've asked for some feedback, could I just point out that you use cause a lot.
There are plenty of "experts" on here so don't get offended if/when anyone says anything negative about your work. We are ALL learning and will continue to do so.
I hope you get a lot from the site and read a lot of other people's work too. It is a great resource/community. Beware, it is mildly addictive!!

very best regards,


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