In Grip Of Silence

Maybe the cats are meandering on another street

and the snails amble minutely in the lawn.

The drenched dogs gambole in a neighbouring field.


The slick pebbles shield insects from sight

the ambititious ants bustle there

whilst soggy branches whisper over

budding bluebells and a bunch of yellow flowers


Potential pedestrains prevaricate indoors

Mulling over domestic choices.

curled up with a book

whilst streamed windows blur


Cars sigh, relieved in garages

or lie idol in the torrent.

Their helplessness apparent:

yearning to start their heaters blowing

and their wipers swishing


No planes streak the sky today

clouds remain unsevered

swolen with moisture for the fall.


Pace is absent

silence grips the street.

Tension has taken leave,

letting my thoughts close their eyes

at this indescernable time

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Andy N

Tue 4th May 2010 08:20

enjoyed this, emma.. i like writing about silence and the gaps in real life where nothing happens.. particularly like the image of cats in the first bit.. good stuff - keep it going! x

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