Through The Window

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The window sticker pleaded

'give a gnome a home'

His nose cold against the glass


Wurzel Gummage sang

about the alphabet.

I held Amanda close.

The black doll slept

Through the 7am calm


Cheek-a-boo Clip-on

clasping the light-pull

applauding the darkness

feeling alone


Snow White projected

on the wall

Engrained in my mind

left behind.

Everything left behind


Bunk beds in the hostel.

The citrus refuge of 'The Limes'.

Families hiding

seeking solace.

Spilling salt tinged stories.

The memory of too much to tell.


Libraries built by

six year old hands

using books, snap cards and popper pens.

Filled with Spot The Dog longing.

To be returned to The Faraway Tree

in three weeks.


That was the year

I gave the Littlest Hobo a home

and left the gnome stuck to the glass.

The smell of cut grass

stinging his nose.



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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 30th Aug 2010 19:02

I think I would avoid 'artsy-fartsy' and go for the obvious, as simple as 'Sticker'. We all have them, had them, or have kids who adore them; it would ring bells with all readers, leaving them to ride the carousel of their own memories. Just a thought.

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Emma McCourty

Mon 30th Aug 2010 11:23

Thank you Greg and Cynthia for your lovely comments. I can't name the piece, it's tricky...any ideas most welcome :o) The gnome sticker is one I had with a fairy book as a little lass. I left him on the window when we moved. Bit of nostalgia there. Thank you :o)

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Greg Freeman

Mon 30th Aug 2010 10:37

There's a lot under the surface here, Emma, "too much to tell". Families on the run from someone, seeking refuge. The familiar comfort of Snow White, Spot the Dog, and the Faraway Tree ... but there's something about that gnome you just don't like. Brings back memories? It's very powerful, has a good rhythm and structure, and repays several readings.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 30th Aug 2010 10:37

This is fantastic, Emma, but I can well see why you haven't got a title yet. There are so many superb images of which 'spilling salt tinged stories' is only one. I think the ending is superb, with its final sensual punch of smell and touch, personifying the 'gnome'. How far are we from the Mountains of Thor, I ask you?

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