We don't see in black and white

our heart shaped specks

whisper glitter through our minds


We feed promises to chocolate buttons

and elongate innocence like liquorice laces.

strawberry naivety coiled on our tongues


Hiding in makeshift tents

building safety from Lego

We know the cost of

unstable ground


Hearing music in every sound

we dance the kitchen disco happy

make tea in beakers that

insulate our dreams

and cuddle Care bears

till life makes sense


so, we never let go...


We know

That tabby cats curl wisdom

smoke-like through the night

and that silence is a secret

nudged in the dark


Come with us and

dance to the seclusion room fusion;

that is country music gloom.

We wear party hats and eat jelly

and pin the tail on

the bureaucratic nurse


We make murals with red tape;

Rainbows are impossible.

That stuff doesn’t bend


We sick wonky thoughts to

the fuzzy felt board

and hoard crayons to smell

when alone


We believe in dressing up

believe in someone else

Or else,

we are not,

just like you,

◄ Tuesday


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