The Enlightenment 82


Enlightenment 82


On the bus people have plans in their pockets

and misgivings are loose change.

Their smiles tell you lies

and you pocket the difference


Stars drip from zips left open.

Pasty crumbs are worshipped as promises.

A 7up can is an omen,

And a black cat etched in the glass

winks at you


On the bus religion

is ticket ink,

and small talk-

that tiny it

tinkles on your fingertips

reminding you to smile


Beliefs are folded in purses

and sleep till needed,

curled up shy and hesitant.

They call themselves ideas

as they like to change their mind.

They feel 'renegue'

sounds too pretentious


On the bus

a forgotten Smurf

balances his tilted chequebook.

Seeks solace inside a lost woolly scarf.

Blue hat poking the threads

hoping to be found


Wisdom is woven

through the Brogues of older ladies

and balanced on the buggies of

skint young mums

accents as broad as their laps


Spirituality is trodden

on to soles of the congregations shoes,

weary from a ride

where a dismount occurs

before their journey ends

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Emma McCourty

Sun 29th Aug 2010 20:19

Thank you so much for the feedback. Its lovely :o)

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Gus Jonsson

Mon 2nd Aug 2010 12:26

Brilliant, caught all the moments ... great observational skills!

well done


Rachel Bond

Sun 1st Aug 2010 17:13

I think this poem outstanding.

warm, real, moving and beautifully crafted.

excellent x

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