15 years younger

has kangaroos hopping all over it

Like Australia

has tears in two week old jeans

optimism leaking from pockets



why worry, she can replenish, right.


Cheeky eyes that cry

when they don't get their own way

and a smile that whisks

you back to a time where

there is more time


Where your worry that your life is lousy

is a mere snotty pocket hanky

and your existence

is more at home with the


Than the caved in cave

it really is


you see

she is too innocent to get it

but she can catch your tears

and eliminate your years through..

you know..being there

treading water with her like that

with your feet off the ground like that

stops clocks

stops rocks sticking in your soles


you have this job

it tires you out and makes you shout

at your own reflection

you argue with chairs with wonky legs

and fuck your own head

with every lack

you ever tasted

and spat out

and were never offered

the chocolate from your own last Rolo

feels hollow in your mouth


Pain is

A ground hog you persistently pet


And yet

you both laugh

and laugh at the other laughing

and forget


Over tea and Monster Munch

you stroke her arm

her charm like glitter through a straw

She walks you to your room

and all too soon

a hug tripped

over its shoelaces

at the door


you were confused as she held you

you both forgot what

the moment reminded you


The longing tasted like treacle

you don't like treacle

but you licked the drips


Need followed her to her to 234


She shut the door in its face

as you slept the sleep of the lonely


So years from now

when fears are

tiddlywinks in the palm of her hand

and the sand shifts precariously under her feet


where will you be


Will she knock on your door

in 15 years








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Andrew Brown

Tue 17th Apr 2012 10:14

The highlight of this poem (for me) is:
"treading water with her like that/with your feet off the ground like that/stops clocks"
That image is powerful breathes in life.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 22nd Jan 2012 16:37

Emma, I've read this three times. I'm not really sure about some of the lines, the ideas intended, but the overall 'feeling' is electric. There are superb images here like: 'a hug tripped over its shoelaces', with very innovative diction like 'the longing tasted like treacle'. I enjoyed it very much; and I'll get back to it again, just in case I'm a bit distracted right now.

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