The window waved

to a silence:


swallowing time


Wanderlust eats stars

Takes abandonment home for tea.

Remembers when The

Golden Girls had

their silver hue.

Knows what to do

when you don't


She can even magic eye,

and fingerknits belonging on the bus.


Bubble gum girl

happily sits still and thinks

cats-cradling her thoughts

and popping.

Extending lifes



Dusty reads

old care-worn books,

looks at interesting people

through disenchanted eyes.

Cries others tears,

counts years in buttons.

Seeks solace in

the days frayed edges


Derek one day spoke

of it all...

gushing a mixer tap of syllables.

Words were swallowed

by Sir's soundproof cloak

the Day Derek finally spoke


On Wednesdays Tom goes out

and keeps it all in

reflectes light

like no one else.

Melts lonelyness

in the palm of his hand.

Hugs friendship in to

isolated bones


Linda inhales her words

through a pink bendy straw.

Towards night time

and against the law-

there are always more


affluent, complicit

more lonely searching souls

to accompany

To solicit


(cant find a direction or end to this..any ideas welcome) :o) thanks .
















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Cate Greenlees

Sun 19th Jun 2011 20:00

There is some arresting imagery in this Emma, and phrases which linger in the mind like"cats cradling her thoughts."
As to the direction it should go since each stanza is about a different character maybe a final summing up of the whole idea of loneliness and silence would work?
Cate xx

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