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And even when we tried 
to stay away from each other, 

we just couldn't. 

We talked and laughed, 
flirt and fought. 

Deep down we knew,
we just shouldn't. 

Going our separate ways,
And giving up on each other, 

we just wouldn't. 

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Listening to the sea crash violently against  cliff walls,

While white gulls scream through chaos.

A dark grey sky with emerging gale force winds,

Blows grainy sand from beneath my feet.

I stand up straight, 

And face the music.

Heading towards these greener hills. 

My shoes are clean. 

It's going to be a beautiful day.

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Oh Ego

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He couldn't handle the rejection
So he bullied her instead. 
He called her fake and ugly and
wished that she was dead.

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The Free-Spirit

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I'm heading out now,
not sure what
time I'll be back. 

I might decide
to visit someone who
I haven't seen in a while
Or take a trip
to somewhere
I've never been before. 

I'll be back
but I'm not
sure when yet.
I might go walking and
bump into someone
and then
start talking. 

We might end up
going for a drink or two.
Who knows what will
happen when I walk
out that door? 


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Theresa's Garden

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Yellow, red and blue flowers filled her tiny front garden,
While small insects thrived and swooned.
Each passer-by would turn their head before slowing down to snoop.

The butterflies danced from flower to flower, as honeybees rested on blue.
A splendid kingdom of nature,
A place where life would bloom.

If only she saw that garden now and seen those concrete blocks.
No wings, no peta...

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entry picture

Don't drown in a river of shame
or in a sea of your own insecurities.
Save yourself my precious love.
Your shell was beautiful the day
you were born.
Your shell will still be so
when you release your final breath.

Wrinkles from the intense emotions that you felt so deeply,
Scars from the savage battles
you fought so bravely.
Evidence of a life lived.
Your map.
Your shell.

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Slippy lust

entry picture

We used to laugh

like children, 

And act like we 

were teens.

I had you

eating out 

Of the palm of 

my hand, 

before you slipped

through my


Slipping away, 

Like ice cubes 

melting down your 

warm, pale chest

on a hot

day in July. 

Water still drips 

Onto the sheets 

that once hugged 

your back 

and your soft brown 

curly ha...

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Womb an

Three kids for three different men,
She is a hoe. It's her children I feel sorry for. And you, how are you still single?
You're beautiful.
Why don't you have any kids?
There must be something wrong with you.
You should be married by now,
With a bunch of kids.
You better hurry up.
Tick tock, tick tock.

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Lessons in Love

entry picture


It's Love. 



It's A Lesson. 



It's A Heartache. 


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He drank until his eyes swelled up
and the tears rolled down his cheeks.
Then he'd pour some more.

Gin or whiskey,
It didn't matter
As long as it
contained alcohol.

He usually drank until he couldn't stand,
And often he fell over.
He said he only drank a little,
I watched him drink some more.

The truth, he tried to keep it hidden
From full view for all to see.
The drunk old man ...

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Show me the way to go home

entry picture

Blue fire, 

Like Sapphire. 

Those eyes, so large and so lost. 

I greet her with a smile and say, 

Good morning my dear. 

How are you on this fine Tuesday?


Oh, hello love. 

She smiles back at me and says, 

I'm good, 

And how are you, 

Are you well?

I must say, don’t you look absolutely beautiful today. 


Where am I going?

Am I going the right way?


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The observer

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She usually sat alone, Sitting away from the crowds. 

She watched how the dribbles dropped down from the mouth of the one who spoke too often. 

The weakest one. 

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The whole of me

entry picture

Tell me what I want to hear,

Reassure me,

Kissing away my fear and doubt.


Tell me I'm the one you need, 

The one you want, 

The one you can't live without.


Have fun with my body, 

Play games with my mind, 

Then discard the whole of me. 

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entry picture

He bravely unearthed a side of me that had never been reached before.

Dormant avenues that I never even knew existed, blossomed gently in time, 

Just like the opening of a wild flower in Spring. 

Stimulating my mind whilst gently arousing my curiosity. 

Challenging me,

I wanted him to explore me some more. 

And he did. 


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Yellow green iris

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Soft petals fell from her yellow 
green iris.

No sound could be heard as her petals 

fell silent.

A deep breath of air cleared some 
thorns deep inside her. 

Both feet hit the ground like a song 
drunk on cider. 

She stood tall like a tree, 
Showing strength and desire. 

Fire roared while sharp pain 
stabbed deeply inside her. 

Wild flames blazed the thorns 

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Dedicated to my Mother (Happy Mother's Day)

entry picture

Happy Mother's Day to the one 
that I call Mam. You carried me for
9 months then put me in my pram. 

You took me to the doctor when I 
had measles or the flu, 
you kept me safe as best you could. 
You knew just what to do. 

Thanks for taking care of me 
when I was sick upstairs in bed. 
Thank you for the crayons and books 
and making sure that I was fed. 

Now that I am older, I ap...

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The sun is out but I have to stay in.  A black pen and a white piece of paper await my creative side to begin. There is no noise here inside my house.

I sit still while the chaos continues outside. I lift the black pen and I start to write. My body is calm and these four walls have been my safe space. 

I have heat, clean water and fresh food in this place. This place I call, my home. How luc...

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When I go for a walk, I don't just walk. I watch. I watch the clouds drift by effortlessly across the sky. I see people, animals, birds in the trees. Standing, walking, watching, just like me.

When I go for a walk, I don't just walk, I listen. I listen to the sound of the cars speeding by me. The planes flying high above me, the noise of the children playing joyfully. Moving freely, just like m...

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Some Mother's Son

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Time for bed, and turning out the
warm lamp lights.
Watching from my bedroom window, 
The park is very much alive tonight. 

The wind, it whistles loudly 
through the rooftops and the trees.
That small old man is back again, 
I see.
He sleeps in the same place in 
the royal oak park in front of me.

On the wood chipped brown bench
Cold, hard and damp. 
He rests his weary body for the...

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Unrequited Love

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Love was sent for years.



Like a fool.


Hope saving tears.

Just another pawn in this

Never ending game.


A place,

Where the Jokers rule.





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I don't really have much time for sheep. 
And I am not talking about the beautiful 
four legged kind.

No, I am talking about the ones with two 
legs, the ones who spend their entire life 
fitting in with the rest of the woolly heads.

Petrified of being viewed as a black sheep 
and shunned by the common flock.

What a waste of a life.





Photo taken by me. Model:...

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entry picture

I stood and watched
As her hair did blow, 
Like branches dancing 
in the wind.

Her eyes left frozen
in an empty stare, 
Leaked fond memories of the
love that once lived there.

No place left for her love to grow. 
She stagnates, even in her dreams. 
Her life stiffened,
like the roots buried deep beneath the one family tree.


The season pass.
The colours change, her hair f...

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entry picture

The time has come to let you go. 
To set you free.

To let you roam the land.
Fly the sky. Sail the sea.

Your freedom had been taken, now go, 
Do as you plea.

No more walls, locks, cuffs, guards or keys.

My brother, the time has come to set you free. 

Run, walk or crawl.  Fly if you want. 

Feel the wind blow wild against your pale white face,  
And smile. 

Escape the pain...

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