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the problem

"The problem you are

that you never seem to see

is that you put me down

without even looking through me 

Ive changed you see, I AM A NEW MAN

i gave you the world,

even with my filthy hands 

you  bring up the past 

 Assuming the worst

again and again 

the pattern has curved 

While you slow me down

I feel your eyes 

innapropriate manners

Visious innuendos in knots and ties.

Confusing you are,

your languge, your body,

but i secretely wont admit that i fucked a girl in my dream in a ferrari 

You fall with every comment

you act out in awe 

you crowd me and my weaknesses

hell, you even make them grow strong.


So STOP trying to bring up the man i really am 

even though i fucked her, and never gave you a second glance.

The past is the past 

dont you see Eden?

I am only in love with you

but you are the reason.

I want to die

and spew.

i cant stay here, you make me uncomfortable

you make me want to puke.

Bi polar tendacies, creep into both our eyes.

I wish you wore your makeup like CHER 

shes so sexy and hot

her eyes glisten big and wide

with her big black curly hair

while your eyes are big

yet just fuckinjg  cry all the time


But me?

the girl you say all this too,

is shattered and broken

pulled apart, spit out, and chewed."


even after him saying These things to me 

i still run to him,

i clean out my safe 

and present it infront of him

 all of my will, all of my power

i shower him with money, and fine white powders

but in the end 

every damn time 

i am left to wilt

like a flower that hasnt seen the sky.

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