Ghost Story 6 (Part 9)


In a cenotaph of skin
two of the Vampires
danced around
just out of Mandrake's firing range
as they snacked slowly
over the remains of two teenagers
whose throats they had slit
only shortly before.

Both of them they laughed to themselves
had tried running down the corridor
after been outside by chance  
to escape once the feasting began
when they first heard the screaming
start expanding from the concert hall.

They ran down the first flight of stairs
then the second
and even the third
before they looked at each other
their legs frozen into blocks of ice
almost like they weren't following
the rest of their bodies request
just before the bottom.

'Oh my god' One of them cried

'He isn't here' The Vampire laughed.

'But I am' Mandrake stepped out of the room
dripping in a mixture of blood and sweat.
But both of the students were dead
and the vampires had ran off into the street
drunk on their blood.



(Links for the Ghost Story series can be seen on my profile as part of NaPoWriMo)

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