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How could I forget


Oh my God
I can't forget
The way  you
Owned the road
In many a boy's heart
Leasing a foothold.

The way you  used
To sashay
Calls for an assay
To prove
You're composed of
Pure gold
To outsmart many
A girl 100 fold.

I bet
Your liquification
It is unmatched
To date.


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Percolated down to every bone

Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!


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hopelifelovesatisfactionunrequited love

Love that transcends rejection

After I lost you,
If I stop
You to adore
Or begin you to abhor,
I never loved
You before.

Even if I am aware
You are no longer mine
I will take that fine.
Exchanging with you
A greeting
By itself is a
Nice thing.

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Metamorphosed from a sun to a moon

       Before I Lost you

You were my sun
The azure sky
To scan.  

      After I Lost you

You became
My moon
Desperate to see
You soon.///

The tide of time must not kill love.

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lost and ruinedlovesad

Like a moth to a flame

entry picture

Myself I have to blame
After declaring“I have severed
Our relation, intolerant to
Her theatrical and self-seeking love game!”
Back to square one, under
The pretext of sympathy, of course,
Buckling under her sight and voice
I acted the same,like a moth to a flame!

Though my siblings and friends
Advised, “A leech, if she has no other intent
Then, inconsiderate, she'll bleed you dry

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bittercukoldfoolloveunfaithfulwasted lives

Cure a wound another could

entry picture

The desire to wholly
Posses you
Was so great
Bitter and harrowing
Was the feeling,unfaithful
To memory's dustbin
You relegate.

At a loss how
My problem to solve
Crying out my heart
By a serene cathedral door
Myself to absolve
God blew on my way a dove!

With a tap
On the shoulder
A sympathetic
And cute girl
On par with
My ex-lover
If not better
"Believe me
There will come
A ti...

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Curelovereal life

What do I care?

Ravishingly beautiful
On top of that
God-fearing and cool!
What do I care
Electrified and petrified
Unable to resist her pull
At a loss how
My senses to pool
Up on catching her sight,
A wind-beaten leaf,
Shaking all over
I prove a fool!?

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fidgeting overwhelemedlove

A sunny rain

entry picture

Like walking
In a sunny rain
Yearning for you
In vain
Was a sweet pain!

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Elegy by a poet

entry picture

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My age-old friend
From gambolling fields
Working place
To blessed bed!

Cold, close-fisted
Gluttonous grave
Please release
My wife and my life
My life and my wife
My love and my dove
My dove and love,
For my heart is her tomb
She leased with love
From her mother's womb!//

A n old poet friend of mine once told me ...

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Befriending hundred girls smart
Doesn't afford half the delight
As catching your sight!


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Lovesight love

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