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Percolated down to every bone

Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!


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hopelifelovesatisfactionunrequited love

The sky is the limit

A pitch dark night
Will be overcome
By a broad day light,
Seeds below
The earth that lie,
Soon open
A thankful eye
To the heavenly father
In the sky!
Then why? Why?
Should you and I
Allow our ambition
Wilt and die,
See our dreams fly by,
When say
A Hurdle
Block our way!
We must never admit
When a dead end
We hit,
There is no
Getting round it!
We should know
When God shuts th...

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Psychological dome

entry picture

Forcing passers by

Curious for peep stand,

Swelling a throng

By every square

Or a roadside

Using his right leg

A nimble right hand

With the other holding

The artefact items hard

A hand-less man

Makes attractive tables

and stools

Hammering nails

And cutting woods

The way the task demand,

A task ,many normal people

Imagine,  to handle hard.

Those who appreciate

His talent

Throws c...

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Tight rope

All sides, when darkness me envelop
Hopelessly, when unthinkable seems hope
A chimera, when the abyss
With saw-like teeth yawns
Expectant me to drop,
To cling on, to cross over
There is a tight rope
God-for a single second
That doesn't stop
To emerge atop
Up all problems that pop!

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