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Disciples of satan

As migrant workers in dire need of buttering their bread
To Libya, the hardest way, some Ethiopians opted to head
They spent a portion of their life in a sweatshop
Clinging afloat a better-tomorrow hope.
Tragically, they were intercepted by ISIS members with
A brain, inured, petrified and dead
After blood-thirsty, heinous, ill-motivated and bad shaped.
ISIS demons, who lavish atavism, ironi...

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The double faced


One can use
A knife to chop
A potato or a tomato.
Also getting off track
On can use it
To stab people
In the back!
Nations can harness
Nuclear to generate power
To eliminate all
Or to tear down many
A tower.

The double-faced
Supper powers
That uphold imperialism
To meet their ends
Subtly cultivate
And promote terrorism.

They condemn it
Only if it rains
Havoc they

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Diffrent toungues but the same speech

Though they have
Different tongues
All religions
Have the same speech,
Peace,Love, Considerateness
And Hope
Are what each preach!

Is it not  then
A glitch
Under the guise of religion
To teach
"Spell death!'
To s/he who has
a different faith!///

Terrorism under the guise of religion doesn't work for it is a glitch that contradicts religiosity.Hopefully it will ebb out soon!

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