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Why do we always end up in the place where we began?

Why is it freedom fades away and dies in every land?


I think the problem lies within the reason why we fight,

for it is not to win the war then stand guard day and night


with vigilance. No sadly this is not the cause at all,

and so the stage is set that every time we rise we fall.


Yes, time has shown we do not fi...

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freedomerosion of freedomfoolishness

These Things That I Prize

Most people have a lot,

most have a list

of gidgets and gadgets

and trinkets to buy.


It’s just human nature

there’s no harm in this,

but lately

I’m wondering why.


For as I’ve grown older

I have realized

(I’ve had to,

for it is a matter of fact).


While caring for all of

these things that I prize,

everything I own…

owns me right back.

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materialismsimple lifefreedom

Let the wolves run

Let the wolves run

I run faster

Let the wolves run 

I am stronger

Sure of myself 

I flex the muscles of my mind

No need to hide

I expel hexes in one breath,

You may not enter

Nor commit the theft 

Of my soul

You are uninvited 

Release the hatred from your heart

Vengeance is a waste of energy

To be enlightened is to be smart 

And rise above, rise!

I a...

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Vengeancehateenergycleansepurifyspiritualexpelhexfreespiritsoulmindbodyfreedommeditationgrowdevelopstrengthbelieffaithself beliefsense of selfprotectioncursefightdefeatblack magicpredatorwolves

n. an act or instance of damaging or altering something radically (03/02/2024)

they call it.

like i’m a butcher
in search of meat to cleave,
and rather than stain my knife
on the skins of bleating livestock
or sweat over a hunt or chase,
i choose the path of least resistance:
myself, my flesh, my matter—
so naïve and unknowing,
defenceless in the face of change.

as if the weight
i mean to carve away
isn’t unwelcome or di...

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lgbtqtransgenderbodily autonomyfreedom

Broken wings

Feathers stuck in the cage

Yet melody that soothes

Watching her flying friends

Spreading wings in the sky stage

Giving the luxury life

With food and shelter

No worries of hunt or hunter

Living with the broken wings alive

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