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Today, on the 27th of May, I proclaim Larisa Rzhepishevska Day. Hurray!

Acacia blooms in a city park,

The song of joy sings the lark.


From the very early morning

my phone is buzzing with calls,
I answer them all today.

Without any delay, I say:
More than that: my computer is hanging
sprinkling me with messages and SMS

My mailbox is groaning because of the loading
but it’s ok for today,
Somehow my electronic friend will survive
giving me a d...

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I Still Believe in Good Deeds

I still believe in good deeds,

This probably can't be treated.

My soul only beauty feeds,

By the Sun and Love heated.


I still believe in good deeds,

But values are different.

Someone is happy in good seeds,

Other admires his wife as a variant.


Some are happy to have a new phone,

Others care about their cat and dog.

Love and Kindness were left alone,


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Poem: Summer..

The scorching heat of Sun,

children playing in ponds and having fun.

The temperature may rise,

and if you are enjoying it.

You are also wise.

That is Summer!


The feel of blowing wind,

And because of the sweat,

our bodies get thinned.

and my sister’s flying hair.

And if we go out too much,

our skin gets dark from fair.

That is Summer!


In deserts it i...

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There will be Again the Sunshine

You are running ahead
instead of thinking where.
Your heart is beating at a crazy speed,
it has its flair.

You are swallowing salty drops of tears,
You do not hear the jeers,
You do not feel the rain
But only the unfair pain.

Hurts tear your soul apart.
Who cares about your broken heart?
You want to scream, even to roar,
You can’t stand this pain anymore.

You want to smash all on...

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I Didn’t Want To Speak Out Loud

Whether peace or trouble is talked about,

They didn’t want me to speak out loud.

The sadness settled in my heart.

But I happened to be a hard nut.


I was kind, not mind to some well-known guys.

Up to that moment, I could all realize.

It’s so convenient when your heart is opened.

I opened my eyes and saw the value of lies.


Besides, I saw so much light around,


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New Life

Seemingly worn out

Arborially toiling

Await season's turn

Breath uncoiling.


Gracious in patience

Strength is growing

Earthly worthiness

Soon to be sowing.


Creating  new life

Healing with feeling

Gradually building

Everywhere healing.


Spreading branches

Sprouting leaves


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how do you know
you’re a phoenix
when you’re born from ashes?

naked and fragile
fallen out of the sky
into a grey abyss

without the memory
of what you are
closer to death than life

what is left
when you’ve left
your past behind?

when your identity
has been plugged from you
like your feathers

nothing but silence
and darkness


only a spark
beyond the realm ...

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Flat Packed

It came all wrapped in cardboard
I got it in with a violent tug
She says, I'm sure you'll have it built and left me with a hug
It opened like Pandora box, pieces spread around the floor
I knew I'd have to borrow tools, from Fred at number thirty four
There's two number ones, screws and dowels in many little packets
She measured the space and ordered it, God I better hope it fits?
A degree ...

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Be not a leaf

falling from a tree

Be a branch...

part of the trunk

with roots

to ground you. 

By Lynn Hahn

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The Fields Of Avalon


(Part 1)


I remember you saying

Back when we were young

That sometimes you felt

Like a song left unsung


That reality was fake:

Our dreams held the key

And there lay the truth

Of how life should be


You were the princess

And I, the dashing knight

who saved you from the monsters 

And a pit of endless plight


Down to the woods I'd go:

A ...

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Life Stories

Is your life story a happy one?
Is it blissful and uplifting?
Or do you find yourself with no direction?
And always seem to be drifting?

Does your life story have some purpose?
Or are you just going through the motions?
Do you understand your heart and mind?
Or are you confused by your emotions?

Is your life story one of great success?
Or have you lost your zest and zeal?
Do you live...

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Stuart VannerLife storiesLife

Eternal Field

I one time dreamed a dream wherein I walked within an open field,

where every step a memory was, and every breath was poignant filled.


I saw each day I ever lived, they all bled slowly into one.

Each opportunity to give now stood a moment left undone.


I saw each thing I ever owned and tried so hard to justify,

but every effort woeful fell and I was left to wonder why.


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lifedreamsvisioninspirationlife inspiration

Gone Girl

I collect up the pieces of my former life

Photos, articles, trinkets and pictures,

that reverberate with a life once lived,

far away from where  I am now.

I was once a borderline, edging death.

A cathartic catchpole where I caught nothing but pain. 

Grazing on the  remnants of the past, I realise 

that I was set up to fail.

No one there to see the beating heart of kindness.


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divorceseparationlifelovelightdarknesspastnew start

Piñata Earth

Mother nature painted you by hand

Blue swirls traced along your land

A wonderous heaven lost to nature

May you still yet hopefully have a future?


You sway innocently in a dead void

Whille your cost of living is toiled

The aliens still infect you

Spewing out the innocence that held you


You are a blue green marble

A child's tale, a cherished fable

But waiting ...

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earthglobal warminglifedeathNature

The Grind

I must have wished a thousand times
that somehow we could live our lives
for something more.

And I can’t help but wonder why
we strive to keep so much in line,
what is it for?

Can’t you see we spend our time
building what we call “The Grind”,
finding ways to numb the pain it causes.

Blind leading the blind.

Can’t you see we spend our time
building what we call “The Grind”.

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lifedrudgeryurbanizationloss of nature

The Braithwaite Boy

I knew the Braithwaite boy at school;

I knew him when he started work.

He bagged fruit at the market stall:

Quite slow, but never one to shirk.


His parents lived beside the park;

They were the type to put on airs.

They saw him as an office clerk

Or in the city selling shares.


But he was quiet, often teased,

And ready to accept his place;

The customers seemed...

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In The Middle

In the middle of life there’s a moment of still.

Reminiscing, regretting, “Is there point in it all?”

Looking out in both ways from the top of the hill

as I tumble and shrink to an infinite small.


For I know forever has no end of days,

it leaves me to contemplate just who I am?

And I know that size never ends in both ways,

when you sit in infinity, is there a plan



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lifemid lifemiddle of lifereflectionreflecting

No Regret

You can buy land and home

across this world made of stone,

gathering more into barns than the rest.


You can travel and see

every sight there may be

under Heaven from East to the West.


You can spend every day

finding more ways to pay,

grabbing all you can possibly get.


But remember there’s something

worth far more than these…

to die without any...

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valuesprioritiesbest thingslifefullness


The rock

The rock on a high coast, on which I leant.

Your love, as strong as the rock.               


We were


we held eternity blindly; we reached

for a meaning that was greater than life:



Destiny - word of fools.

Your eye and mine:

they saw

only a hazed horizon.



Endless line before endless line

losing time to d...

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destinylifefutureseaHopkinsDewi Emrys

The Question

Depression and heartache and yearning -

common throughout all the years,

general amongst all the masses,

driven by so many fears.


It’s truly the struggle of ages,

despite born of mansion or cave.

Is life the thing that you’re living,

or is it life that you crave?


It's tied to a question so simple -

just what do you live your life for?

Do you live to live in ...

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New Day

Have you ever come to the end of the day,

and can run the clock back play by play,

and can add it up that supposedly

it was the day it was suppose to be,

but somehow it seems that no time has gone

like a broken record playing on and on,

and you think back through all the things you’ve done -

every day every deed bleeding into one,

and you can’t help but feel just a little ...

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lifebusy lifeexhaustion

Today my friend buries her mother

Today my friend buries her mother in a coffin she has painted by hand. Today my friend's father tells her that she has taken on too much responsibility in the matter. She tells me he made her feel like she did not have a choice. Today I will get my hair cut. Today by mid day my friend will have buried her mother. My friend is only twenty four. Her daughter is two. I ask my friend how she has been ...

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Sorrow's Bounty

In a world of plenty, where joy should reign,

A soul wanders lost, drowning in pain.

He has it all, or so it seems,

Yet inside, he's adrift in shattered dreams.


Possessions many, but feelings in drought,

Tears concealed, smiles worn throughout.

Once in a while, breaks down unseen, 

In the quiet ache, where joy's been.


Everything's there, yet nothing to hold,

A ...

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Heaven Is Raining Down On Me (It Burns, Gods, It Burns)

Cradled in the arms of my mother,

I sway softly to the beat of the sea.

Enjoying the peaceful scenery.

As I lay flat on my back,

wood groaning under the weight of me,

With my eyes directed 

to that heavenly scene above me. 

Smile lines dancing on my plump cheeks.


When suddenly the song of the sea

turns into a nausea inducing melody.

The gentle hands that used to ...

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Sitting on a bench,

In a muddle,

My feet in a puddle,

Not noticing

The mud on my shoes,

Just the mud in my mind.

The plaque on the seat,

Reminder of someone passed,

Loved long after their departure,

A life lived and lost,

But remembered forever,

On the bench where I sit

With my muddy shoes,

And muddy min...

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A Midwinter Daydream


Some days I like to wander free

Let reality's harsh light dim

In hope I'll find new things to see 

New worlds to hide within 


I wander down forgotten paths

Now overgrown with thistle 

And find a draughty little nook

Where the fair wind likes to whistle 


I came upon a cottage somewhere 

Or, perhaps, I was at rest?

Outside, an old woman stood

In ragged...

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