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retail therapy

I stopped seeing my therapist

she moved on to start her own practice 

So I've started going out more 

eating less 

using useless utilities until I give out

my hands reaching for my purse

my fingers finding the chip



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Return To Me

Cold and dark

here I lay

waiting for you at bay.

The orange pearl is sinking into the seas.

Thousands of sand grains surround me,

yet I still feel so lonely.

I have given my heart to you

and now it’s sinking slowly in the seas.

I will wait for eternity

may the seas direct you back to me.

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to pass you by is to long

for you close, lips sweet despite her

claim’s acrid taste. you wave.

your wandering hand runs up my thigh like

vines cling to ancient stone structures.

we make a sick picture, half-past-drunk

on years of tension, crushed

between mouths and confession in the dark.

you look at me as though

i might not run laps around the room

in hopes of catchi...

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The Move

 The Move

Xylene, Toluene, trichloroethylene,

The smell,

Prior paint peeled away and fell.

All off-white, only ever warmer; morning sunlight in the east windows

1887, a ship-builder discussed between three widows,

That line there, fixed up by The Man, too

Them floorboards wouldn’t look as good as The Man could do.

Where did he go? One asked inside of the plain room,


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A Glance into Romance

While admiring the happy couple I feel bliss.

Then my stomach sinks.

The heart-shattering realisation that I will never acquire that same affection.

Some humans are not built for romance, and I am shamefully one of them.

I do not want your roses. I do not care for your false proposes.

All I want is to be seen.

For someone to not love me for my skin, but for my soul.

Many eyes ...

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Smitten (A Sonnet)

He was smitten with love for her;
by that arrow deep and sure.
A gooey warmth between them;
filling the heart all within.

But, love's shaft festered, stinking foul;
to gangrenous, aching howl.
Through steamy glass his love moaned;
as he stood outside alone.

Those barbs cannot be reversed;
holding fast in a soul feeling cursed.
Longing for the lost one gone,
to the breast of a differ...

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SonnetLoveHateLove LostPainValentine's Day

gentle wind

i want to go for a walk you say

the sunrise is beautiful and the wind is gentle

though, i will never notice the sunrise,

not even when you point it out to me

i'll notice how your hand will brush mine

and the soft way you'll speak to me

so gentle, that early in the morning

i'll notice each gap in between the conversations we'll have

the small ...

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Green Book

I watched a film called Green Book last night,


About a black classical pianist’s plight,


Featuring: good cops, and bad cops


And pompous balloons POPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buon Natale, and the light of love’s might.

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Lazing By The Well

This love, our love
so understated
but all consuming

A stick of rock
it's written right through me
and always has been
Reaching out a hand
to feel
your hand waiting

A tide
I’ll always return
A well
I’ll always refill
your bucket
with love

All my wants, all my needs
melt into a single thought
All my hopes and dreams
collide inside the fact
you exist

I reach out my hand

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A Ballad Of Tide & Time


I watched the ship break

under the biblical rage of the sea

The mast creaking into splinters

The greedy waves taking bites of bow & stern 

I listened 

as the wind, howling like a wolf,

carried the wailing away 

under a sky of trauma 

But then, 

her hand broke through a swell

Alabaster against grey

I cried out

Tried to crawl

but too soon 

I would be ca...

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Starting Today

As of today

I'll only be in your memory,

a trunk full of remembrances

you’ll want to throwaway

and remove forever

imagining you’ll forget me


From today on

I'll just be an empty space in your bed

you cannot embrace

and my scent on your pillow

that you will not forget


Starting today

I'll only be

a worn out image in your dreams

that will hush the pa...

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Swiss Roll Family Robinson

Not astonished by the lack of surprise,

The day the Robinson family died

Morbidly obese.

Devoured their last feast,

Committing dietary suicide


Their buffet table laid sumptuously,

Intending to indulge in gluttony,

They wouldn't be the first

To eat till they burst

Avidly scoffed and gouged rapaciously,


A vivid green leaf salad, though not much

Lay limp i...

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part of you

i'd let you rip open my chest

fill my lungs with your breaths

wrap your fingers around my spine

clench my heart

until every part of me has become tainted

with your warm touch

until i become something far more pretty

than i ever could be

until i become part of you

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cough syrup

everything always circles back to you

i find myself unable to go one sentence

without feeling your name

whisper itself at the back of my throat

and i cannot go to bed

if im not imagining how it would feel

to have your arms wrapped around my waist

as we sway in your kitchen

our kitchen


i wish i could function

without hav...

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you speak so cruelly of the body i admire

a body that shines so brightly and laughs so delicately

a body that loves so deeply


maybe if you saw the light in those soft brown eyes

or you felt the safety

your presence brings

or you heard the warmth

in your voice

you would speak of yourself

the way you so truly deserve

to b...

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A 俳 句 for you, Ku.

Hi Ku-here it is,

A new year from me to you,

Well-seasoned with love!

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Haikunew yearlove

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