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Silent Wash

It’s a direct drive of fifty litres

From me to you.

Six hundred miles north

Until I’m resting my eyes on your face:

That soothing easy care

From the dial and touch

Of your features


The mixed fabric of your voice

Trickling through my cells.


I am freestanding

But will bloom

When you enter the room.


Until then,

I’m in this intensive


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I used to love you

it was like a fire 

spreading across my body

Every smile you gave me 

another piece of wood added to the pile

and oh did it burn

but the sad truth is

that love comes in pairs

and you had already found yours

and mine

my love 

it lost its colour

that beautiful glowing blood red

slowly faded and faded

like a rose without its soil

until t...

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You Showed Me

Paint me a picture of a beautiful flower

Then tell me all the sins it has done

Let me look away just once

Before this sour taste in my mouth

Becomes all there is you showed me

All that hasn’t gone south

Let me see the truth behind the lie

That last wish before you die

or before you get to live

Give me the chance to forgive

Under the mistletoe what we have done


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The unattainable spark of life

A star in the sky with its tail wrapped around your eye

Spreads its light into you like a song that has just started playing

A song of hope and hopeless praying

and the only thing that could be heard

was the utter silence of never said words


Will you fly and reach the sky

or will the celestial come nearby

or will the two meet in the middle

as if the lover’s voices met ...

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loveunrequited love

How to love thyself?

Made a painting

it isn’t too big or too small

too fancy or too empty

just the right peaceful amount of boring

grabbed an old dusty brush

and buried it in pink

like the cheeks of a smile covered in blush

covered it all

all the sadness all the hate

anything too dark to make me feel small

covered it all so I could forget

leave it all behind 

as if it was someone el...

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self lovelove

Cast away

Love is love they say as their loveless mouths spit each syllable like a foulness upon their tastebuds. All the while spouting poisonous scriptures on why your kind of love is not adhered to, not seen, not recognised.


And if it is not recognised, but you still dare to live outside their boundaries, you are cast away.


Family is everything, they speak as though that ought to be enoug...

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equalityloveacceptancebeliefracegender/sexualityreligionunconditional love

Breezy day.

You were the wind sweetheart,

In the cold you stung but I didn’t care.

When it was warm you felt like a warm hug,

Cuddling me like a teddy bear.


You were everywhere,

And are still here now. 

In my imagination,

I see glimpses of anything you allow.


Each leaf blowing as the air surrounds me,

Wrapping me in an autumn cloak

Handmade by you and your songs.

I c...

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Darkest Times

In the darkest times, there is always a light,

Someone who will hold you, or just sit with you,

when you are feeling doubt.

Maybe it's a person? Or maybe it's a dog? who looks at you with non-judging unconditional love,

and makes you know everything will be alright!

That makes you put  on your armour and continue to fight,

Because warriors might lose battles and even have scars,


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there's a couple sitting two seats in front

sitting on a train with my head bowed in a quiet mourning for the couple sitting two seats in front.

or really for me.

i mourn for me, me and my love and its cramps.

im in love, im in love and once more im in love. 

not with anyone but with everyone, or anyone who'd see it through.

then each time i remember that the only thing i want to be is noticed,

someone can notice that, eve...

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Faux Roses

Coarse dusky pink petals
sprinkled with fake crystals
promising a forever
but, smells fake...
I'd rather keep it real
even though it'll fade
in a day or mostly two,
its sweet scent will linger
forever in muse...

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