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There's Something There...

say it was in the stars,

something supernatural led me to you.

say it was the moon

pulling my tides closer to you.


it’s something deeper

than a mere connection.

it’s something in the waiting

& it grows with our knowing.


you can’t put your finger on it.

there’s something there.

some call it ‘love’

but it digs in so much further.


it’s in our details...

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loverslove poetry

Back Story

epics very scurrilous

but I took them all in,

crazy tales of passion

made mine seem thin


lovers by the dozen,

flights to every shore,

my ups and downs

a comparative bore


the facade collapsed,

your name's phoney,

landlord dropped by

called you Miss Toni


you talk up love but I

know not who you are,

little Miss Nobody or

exotic wandering sta...

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back storytalespassionloversfacadetruthslanerfairy-tales

You're So Sentimental

he says as it relates 
to a date 
of another first 
we’ve had. 

It reminds me of things 
I shouldn’t hold onto. 

It shouldn’t matter 
when I first noticed 
the way light hits his beard, 
or how his colors blend 
as in a Monet, 
only that I see them. 

It shouldn’t matter 
when those butterflies first flew 
from our insides; 
only that they fly every time. 

It shouldn’t matte...

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The Woes Of Needy Lovers

A threshold's always looming

That shifting balance of power

What starts off in life as love

Brings me to bend and cower


Its the woes of needy lovers

A world of yearning and pain

Wondering will she like me,

When shall I see her again?


I start off so firm and resolute

Dont repeat mistakes of old

This time it will be different

She'll do just as she is told


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Loving You

Loving you is easy because your you 

Loving you ain't hard because all I want is you 

Walking through fire was easy I get chills from you 

Crossing the ocean was light swim cause I get and extra push from you

Getting the stars and moon for you wasnt a impossible thing cause this love gives me wings 

My words they beautiful they take after you 

My rhythm is amazing it took all you...

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loversbreak up

Eternity Always Wins

I suppose I'm one of life's losers

Missed out on joys and content

Mourned other folks's milestones

Never learned what love meant


How to encounter consolation or

Stomach others's enjoyable sins?

The answer lies up in the clouds

Where brute eternity always wins


Winners cant take it with them

Imagine leaving behind that cash

Lovers weeping at the bedside


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The Arrival

the approval has been granted, 
the lift of the travel ban, 
the ticket longed for is now in hand 

three days scheduled 
in glorious summer heat 
with a lover’s heart in waiting 

greeted at the airport 
a loving embrace 
and staring deep into each other’s face 
before a long evening at an outdoor cafe 

between smiles exchanged 
we smooth out spaces 
between places that haven’t 

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Love is...

Love is peace

That burns with desire,

The passion can char your soul.

Love is free

And the payment required,

To give and to embrace a soul


Love is blind

It sees into your heart

At the kindness, the beauty within. 

Love is hope

That despairs when we part

And yearns for your arms to return


Love is calm

It torments the head

It breaks and it shatters...

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in your city

Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN:

eyes squeeze shut all at once with 
wishes whispered under breaths to be 
anywhere else, anywhere cooler than 

the constant heatwave of near 100 degrees. 
Toes dip into makeshift sandy beaches 
along the city’s river while children 

play in water fountains next to erected sand...

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city lifedreamsheatwavesloverssummer

One More Moondance, My Love

Originally published in Clay Literary’s RAVEN:

A cool October evening presented itself in front of us, 
the full moon in the sky hovered above, and the tension 
between us lent itself to lyrics that resonated to every 

following Autumn. ‘Can I just have one more Moondance 
with you, my love?’ you sang as we walked arm in arm. I...

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in your flood

one step out the door
one step forward
one step closer
to the flood

one step backward
one step in reverse
one step away
from drowning

a punch to the gut
and tears streaming,
more than the smiles
more than the ‘i love you’s

and how many more years like this
how much can i take like this

i agreed to ever after
but this now, these lows
i can do without
i barely survive the cr...

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I am Strong!?

I thought so...

So did he...

He tried to...

To make me strong...

Strong to see him...

Him becoming someone else's...

Someone else's life partner...

Partner who is mine forever...

Forever became a myth...

Myth that I am Strong!?

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love for himloverstrue love

no return address

sew my eyes shut
tape my mouth closed
board me up in a box
& send me off

attach the postage
drop me off
at the post
don’t open

until i see you there
and i hear you say ‘my love’
and i feel you
next to my warm skin

until then, leave me here

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Did I Ever Tell You...

I’m digging through letters for clues 
For endearments that will fill my cup

They spill over and fall away
As they come in with a rush

Too many to grasp
I pick them up one by one

In hopes to hold onto
Little pieces of you

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love letterswritingreadinglovers

Unsent letters

How many love letters do I have to write before they are sent
How many hours do I spend and lament
Over the impossible dream
The one that can’t be seen
And more and more it seems
Like it’s never going to be


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dreamslove lettersloverswriting

The Shape of Us

The shape of our love, our version of it,
Exists in bubbling thoughts of former lives
And constant dreams of distant hearts
Where our lives are entwined

Ripples of waves intersect
Jetting dangerously close
But never on the same path
Turning heads, looking back

How do we get off this track
Without losing control,
Without knowing
Where it will go

The inhabitants look upon us

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loversdreamsmemoriesdifferent paths

Show's Over

The production commenced 
with actors on stage 
portraying the love we once had- 
the grasp of her cheek, 
the look in her eyes, 
as he folded over himself 
to make her swoon his way. 

Amongst an empty crowd, 
the curtain’s now drawn, 
the actors have gone home, 
the final act is done, 
it’s time to get on. 

Hanging on for an encore, 
hoping for another show, 
relishing in the me...

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lost lovememorieslovers

Undying Flame

Images and words 
suddenly appear, 
words longed for 
hitting deep 
as they wrap around 
and envelop me,
overwhelming yet satisfying.

Since our last meeting 
your ghostly presence arrived 
in the oddest of places: 
romantic restaurants, 
quaint cafes, 
art galleries, 
long car drives, 
concert halls, 
walking in a park, 
every room of the house, 
and late at night in bed. 


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artistsdesiresreunitedloversmemoriespassionlost love

We Don’t Talk About That

Telepathically, your thoughts race over me

They strike during the early morning hours

It’s that time again

But we won’t talk about that now


We’ll say so much that will fit in

The space between the silence 

But those days where we lit up the sky

We won’t talk about that now


But the fantasies creep in

Some days, or most days,

On what we’ve done behind locked d...

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loverslost lovesilence

Love Bites

Love bites mark what occurred this week 
Turns out I couldn’t mask the distance between
Ending up with someone else
Added another notch in my belt
But he didn’t mean anything
Because you see 
I was after someone else
My love adventure turned out to be my worst realized dream
Caught between lovers of convenience, lust, and longing 


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Our Song

Spinning the same song 

that connected us

gets harder to hear.

Each verse cuts deeper 

into what never was, 

what could have been, 

the longing to be near.


With my fingertips crossing your beard, 

your fingers grazing my thighs, 

those longing sleepless nights 

I’ve waited to be alongside 

the one that knew the depth 

of my emotions,

facing eye to eye.


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artistsloversmusicour song

Separated Not By Love

You set the scene, 
describe it so perfectly; 
what we’ll do 
what I’ll wear 
where we’ll go 
from the first moments of excitement 
to the height of pure ecstasy 

But love, 
it’s a trembling sensation 
that leaves me wanting; 
wanting to lay with you, 
to feel your warmth next to me 

The cool breeze from the window 
attempts to ease 
the burning between us 
but fails as we don’t...

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Revolving Door

He says, “you’ve been a great lover,

opened up doors for me, 

been there when I needed you

but I’m going to leave you, woman

for I know you could do better than me”

He picks up his suitcase, 

then he’s running out the door


And that’s the way it is

that’s the way it’ll always be

lovers in and out the revolving door


She says, “I’m going to leave this town


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loverslost loversmoving ondreamersartists

Sunday Thoughts

Two lone souls 

believing they stand out in the crowd

do they really

or are they the same as everyone around

they feel like they're special, profound

no one must feel the same

but they do,

they all want to be loved

they're all searching for the one


Yet there isn't only one for you

there are quite a few

as they've slowly come in and out of view

this one here...

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Lost and Found

Let me help you flip the switch
Scratch that itch 
that’s been burning 
For some time we’ve been yearning 
for each other
Under the moonlight
we reach for a lover
that’s been like no other

I’ve longed to hold you,
to have you close to me
to feel you envelop me
to have our hands intertwine
to graze my fingers across your body and across your lips
to rest my hand on your cheek
to loo...

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Missing You

Loving you is easy; missing you not so much.

I long to hear your voice and feel your touch.
When I don't feel you near as time goes by, my face may show a smile but all my heart can do is cry.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Distance for me is like a storm full of thunder.
I wonder if you are simply asleep; are you well or is there reason to weep.
Missing you is hard to bare....

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Missing herloverscompanionshipbffgirlfriend



Matriarch butterfly, conduct conducive
mother gaia's demeanor echo.
as you move mountains

as she size your shoe, electrifying presence
you're so well grounded
heart fluttering, don't be disheartened.
trumpets erupting, as you walk the walk, my mind carry off as I'm wrapped in your minutiae

Shift the world, your tectonic occupancy lay rise to volumes of topographic novelties

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Matriarchlove poemloverslovelove poemsspiritualitynatureearthmetaphysicalmetaphysics

Chalk Initials

Love is in the air forecasters say
at first blush, be that as it may
chalk initials in handpicked tins invoke remembrance by paving ways
palms supine scribed with written in lines tie sanskrit signs
significance is found in the now
springs and gears ticking time
as faeries grant blessings shifting through a lovers parade

Concurrent reminiscence written on akashic pages taking turn
Books ...

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love poetryloverslovelove poemsspiritualityValentinesvalentines dayValentine poem

This Too Shall Pass

He looks to me

but he doesn't see me

He talks to me

but he doesn't hear me

He's in front of me

but we're a million miles apart

Our hearts are beating to a different tune

Everyone thinks it'll be fine soon

Just open up and tell him 

It'll be okay,

This too shall pass

but it won't,

it will last and last...

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Get Lost in the Pouring Rain

So feeble

we fumble

bodies tangling, intertwining

we get lost in the moment,

in the rush

drifting off to our own space


No time like the present

we’re looking for answers in the pouring rain


If you could get by

for one night

without looking for the answers


If you could

for one night

love me just the same


Everybody needs something

to j...

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