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Two in the Morning

Profound sadness 

clouds my view 

at a quarter til two. 

I don’t understand why 

my muse avoids me like the flu, 

when a simple poem or song will do. 

Wise words to help me understand

why true love passed me by

in this lifetime.

Why wrong choices,

that felt right at the time,

left me alone in this abyss

where my better self

silently bears witness

to my shr...

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The Extreme Power of Love

entry picture

Ujjal Mandal,India,WB

If ever you love someone
with the heart like the
huge mountain, I hope
you must know
why does the boat sail in
the shoreless sea?

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Futures gambled on heavy hearts

Permit the love that binds them

Troubled eyes, in search of parts

Left down and abandoned behind them

Loose lives, abridged by callous remarks

Contain the passion inside them 

But scorned and lost, again we start

Ascend as one. Together. Defy them!


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Shallow waters seldom hide the blackened sand below

Rocks and land, erodes in tides, defiled by ebb and flow

The calmest waters, clouded up, by a river built on lies

The purest shores, shrouded over, engulfs an isle that cries


The years weep past, the time goes by, the waters seldom turn

Every second bleeds, through wasted lives, the oceans start to burn

As memories close an...

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Love, the Beauty of Life like the Glowworm

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Ujjal Mandal, India, WB


Love is like the glowworm in the dark

Night to make the day at night. 

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Your words are a

breath of fresh air.

It warms my heart

to see you at the

pantheon of passion,

creating a lyrical legacy,

writing love letters

across the sky,

of a beautiful dream. 



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A tiny flame

It flickers through the dark

crackles in the silence

Could it be a spark?

A glimmer of resilience

Like candles on a river

floating through the night

Or Cupid's empty quiver

For Psyche set alight

To steal the Holy Fire

Escaping with the torch

Release them from the pyre,

the blaze and searing scorch!

Can it be a lighter?

The match who finds the wick

Both fir...

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The frozen girl

She walks upon the cold earth

'Unfair!' I must shout 'Unjust!'

For a beauty of such warmth

I watch slowly freeze over


But when she is sorrounded

by candle flicker and fire

the ice melts

her warmth is shown again


And how I wish to be a fire

even just a spark

the reason that saves her

from the earth cold and dark


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