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Cancer you came into our lives once before when you took my grandfather to his final resting place,
We only had a short time to spend with him, and it was hard to look him in his face,
My mama used to cry a lot; regrets, fears, and meaningful words, how hard it was for her to comprehend,
All she wanted was a few more years, without the hurt, pain, and overflow of tears,
The family knew and did not want to pretend,
Although my grandfather tried to hide his pain; his time here on Earth was coming to an end,
He reached for the sky when he saw his moms face,
She was waiting on him to leave this place,
Cancer we thought you were gone for good but you returned just like we knew you would,
This time you pursued my aunt and you were just as determined as before,
You thought this time you were going to claim another life,
But she fought back with a vengeance and gave you pure strife,
Her cancer has been in remission, so far it hasn’t returned,
So with her life, you should be unconcerned,
Cancer, Cancer, you sure are determined to destroy people’s lives,
You’re a throbbing, piercing, pain in my side,
Here you go again, now it’s my mom you pursue,
Will our family ever have a breakthrough?
In March of 2012; we found you floating around in more than one place,
I just wish I could take the pain away, and I wipe the tears from my mom’s face,
Cancer you showed up one day and my life has not been the same,
You don’t care; whose lives you destroy; we’re like pawns in your chess game,
When we received the news; tears began to roll down my face,
The truth was too much for me to handle; I ran straight out of that place,
I thought about the day my grandfather died,
All of the pain that was trapped inside,
And how I regretted the time not spent,
Because all I could do was think about our very last argument,
I wish I could take away the pain I feel,
But let’s be honest, this Cancer and my mom is real,
My mom wakes up every morning in pure agony and pain,
The fact that there is nothing I can do to help her is driving me insane,
She worries about her children and grandchildren each and every day,
No words can express the way I feel when I see her this way,
To see her weeping sometimes; it makes me shiver in fear,
Not knowing when her death is near,
Although I’m only human; I think it’s wrong to feel this way,
I can’t do anything but hit my knees and pray,                                                                                                      I love my mother she has always been so strong,
But the Lord is the one who can keep her because to him she belongs...

Written: March 2012









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