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Decision Making

Each and every day involves decisions,
And in much wondering what to do,
You may see the consequences,
Whether it be on me or upon you?

We may consider what job to have,
And think: Which should I select?
Shall I go for this or go for that?
And: What shall then be the effect?

We may just mull over what to eat,
Or what we feel like drinking.
Or it may be an important matter,
Which req...

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ChoicesDecision MakingStuart Vanner

The General Public

So what are the general public like?
Do they care? Are they kind?
Do they just think about themselves?
Or have they others on their mind?

Are they going to their place of work?
Or looking round the shops?
Are they traveling by foot or car?
Or on and off of their bus stops?

Are they happy and contented?
Or are they secretly afraid?
Do they enjoy the great outdoors?
Or wish at home is...

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Stuart VannerThe General Public


People have always loved to laugh, 
All around the world from ages past. 
Our humour really varies much, 
And we shall now describe it such.

The sharpest jokes might be called wit. 
Maybe so funny that our sides may split. 
Slapstick oft comes from clumsy action, 
And is meant to receive a loud reaction.

Comedians may tell funny jokes, 
And some amusing anecdotes. 
However, practical...

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Stuart VannerHumourJokes

Winter and the future

The winter time - it may be cold and wet, 
But there are things which we should not forget. 
Do you enjoy trudging through the snow, 
Or rather stay inside with nowhere to go?

Of course we now have Christmas too, 
Which is a time to rejoice for me and you. 
And we prepare for the long dark nights, 
A new year begins with great delight.

And so it is now time to look ahead, 
Not with de...

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Stuart VannerWinterSeasonsThe FutureHope


I wish I could see the future, 
And then see it plain and clear. 
And hope it is full of love and joy 
And not misery or fear.

I wish I could see the future, 
And hope it is happy and care free. 
Not at all with cruel oppression, 
But with peace and harmony.

I wish I could see the future, 
And hope the world becomes respected, 
But since all these may just be a dreams, 
It may be ha...

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Stuart VannerVisionThe FutureHope

At Christmas Time

Christmas is a time which we love and adore.

When we are happy, excited and so much more.

It is time when certain magic can all be believed,

When special gifts are both sent and received.


It is a time for families to all get together,

And be merry and joyful - whatever the weather.

It is time to put all quarrels aside,

To have fun and laughter with no need to hide.



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ChristmasStuart Vanner



Our opinions, they are always changing,
And may be neither right nor wrong, 
And what one someone says is weak today,
Next they could say that it is strong.

Opinions are not definitive, 
And are not set in stone. 
What one may think is wonderful, 
Another may think of it and groan.

Opinions govern all our lives,
For they decide for whom we vote. 
And when it comes to elec...

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OpinionsPoliticsStuart Vanner


A huge pleasure of mine is to shop,

Though I sometimes find it hard to stop.

It brings me comfort so I cannot wait,

But it may put me into such a state.


I especially love to shop online,

To see what things could soon be mine.

There are many choices. It is so vast,

And they like to take our money fast.


Whether it be a DVD, a game or book

At my bank balance I dar...

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AddictionShopoholicShoppingStuart Vanner


When I go to the disco I always seem to find

This is the best possible place for me to unwind.

There's loud music with smoke and flashing lights,

With everyone excited at the noise and these sights.


One can dance all night or just soak up the fun,

And whatever may happen, the party goes on.

One must hear the rhythm, then move to the beat,

While you jig or boogie or shuffl...

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DiscoPartiesStuart Vanner



When I am hit by the whip of melancholy
It makes me forget how to be jolly
It brings on great impatience and agitation
With anxiety and huge frustration.

Often it can really get too much,
And on my sanity I strive to clutch.
Sometimes I might even find it hard to think,
And from thought to thought I cannot link.

I cannot get my mind in gear,
And all around me I may not s...

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Stuart VannerMelancholyDepressionHope


As Autumn starts to come this way

It is time to reflect upon the day.

Do you see the leaves fall to the ground?

Softly, gently, without a sound?


Do you see the frost and mist and dew?

Do you hope the sky is still blue?

Do you feel the fresh, cool, crisp air?

And shall you find warmer clothes to wear?


Hibernation starts at these times,

As small creatures hope fo...

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Stuart VannerAutumnSeasons

To Live or not to Live?

If one should get right up to death's very brink

This is the time to stop and think

'Shall I stay alive or shall I die?'

Though there is no one round to hear this cry.


We are not crazy, bad or weak.

Only to end our pains is what we seek.

Oft we keep these troubles to ourselves

For we feel that no one can be of help.


But whatever there might be ahead

We cannot m...

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HopeStuart VannerSuicide

Listless Life

My listless life just drifts on by
Like the clouds that float up high
All is still. I see nothing move.
And of all things I disapprove.

And so turn thy wheel. Let life be good.
Then let us all be understood
Let the Sun now break through.
Let this golden globe echo my life's view.

Take me from this world of trouble
Prick and pop this secret bubble
And through the tears of heaven let m...

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LifePhilosophyStuart Vanner


Watch the water slowly flowing down,

Whilst it makes a soft and gentle sound.

This pleasant scene seems to speak to us,

To say, 'be calm and do not rush'.


One really must appreciate such beauty,

And may even say that it is our duty,

To witness such relaxing peace.

A feeling I wish would never cease.

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Stuart VannerWaterfall

Life for Everyone

No, there does not exist a perfect person

Or a perfect scheme of life,

And there is no path all smooth to travel,

With all happiness and with no strife.


And while cannot turn back time

We may amend our mistakes

And we can then learn of them

No matter how long it may take.


So patience must be our lifelong guide,

And not to dwell into despair

And not spend our...

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HopeLifePhilosophyStuart Vanner

Les Miserables

Les Miserables

O Les Miserables, for short Les Mis,
Must be the greatest show there is.
It is one that should not be missed,
As it evokes all feelings that do exist

It contains much hope but can be tragic,
But it amazes just like magic.
It talks of justice and of redemption.
It is gripping and full of tension.

We witness the struggles of Jean Val Jean,
Who is given the number - 246...

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Les MiserablesMusicalsShowsStuart Vanner

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was one of a kind,
Having such an extraordinary mind.
He lived with Watson at Baker Street,
Where with his clients he would meet.

With Holmes and Watson we go on such travels
To see how many mysteries Holmes unravels.
And for each case he would construct
Solutions with great powers to deduct.

Sometimes before a case would begin,
Holmes might like to play the violin.

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CharactersDetective fictionSherlock HolmesSpiesStuart Vanner


O Mozart 's music fills me with delight,

And just like the Sun it is shining as bright.

It brings me contentment and with peace and calm

To my mind it acts as a beautiful balm.


It is all lovely and wonderfully moving,

So resplendent and incredibly soothing.

In his works we see how his genius shows

And by it we hear how it all perfectly flows


He began to compose as...

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Classical musicMozartMusicStuart Vanner

Heat Wave

We may all love the summer weather,
And some may be obsessive
But we have such heat right now
That it is incredibly oppressive.

And while it should be nice and pleasant
Right now the heat is too extreme,
And the boiling hot Sun we suffer here
Is one of the greatest we have seen.

We puff and pant and are soaked with sweat,
Thinking: 'How much hotter can this get?'
Or 'if only I could ...

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Stuart VannerHeat WaveSummerThe SunWeather


O karma will always prevail

Although it may take many years

Then it shall be understood

Why you cried those tears


So in time one shall receive

Just exactly what one should

And be seen for what you are

Whether it be bad or good


And even in your darkest hours

Know ahead of you shall be light

So if you want to challenge life

Don't give up without a fight


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hopejusticeKarmaStuart Vanner

Poetry and Me

I love to write poetry,

As it gives me vent for my expressions.

And I believe it a more peaceful way

Than turning to aggression.


Of all the words that I could choose

I am in the main seat of control.

To show my thoughts and feelings, 

And exult the reader's soul.


And when I find my inspiration,

I ponder - what is my next direction?

And though I find it hard ...

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InspirationPoemsPoetryStuart Vanner

The Sun

Our Sun - it comes out every day.

It shines for us and it is here to stay .

It is a star of liquid gold:-

A special treasure to behold.


It brings us warmth and it gives us light.

An eternal globe - burning bright.

It is a gift which is enchanted, 

And it is is something that we take for granted.


And so appreciate this immortal sphere,

For what would we do if it...

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Stuart VannerThe Sun

Indiana Jones

There is a character played by a Harrison Ford

About whom one shall not ever be bored.

He has a name :- It is Indiana Jones.

Strong and courageous right down to the bones.


An archaeologist - he is, and dedicated to his work,

And upon these duties you'll never see him shirk.

He will take you with him upon his remarkable adventures,

Which, as we all shall see, are always to...

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Stuart VannerIndiana JonesFilmsAction Heros



I never like to be ANGRY as it is an awful feeling.

As often we do regretful things when all tempers hit the ceiling.

Because after that YOU might be the one who ends up getting blamed!

And then it may be YOU who feels the GUILT or SHAME!


I never like to feel BORED and have all my interests unoccupied.

Where we find we cannot doing anything whether we have or haven'...

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Stuart VannerFeelingsEmotionsHope


I love living in Nottingham -

For it is my home and favourite city.

The people there are always friendly

And the parks are very large and pretty.


There is so much to see and do,

And it's such a special place.

It is famous for so many things,

From Raleigh bikes to lace.


To find all about it's past,

The Castle Museum is where to start - 

An intriguing place to...

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Stuart VannerNottingham

James Boswell

James Boswell was the greatest biographer.

Samuel Johnson was his subject.

The task took our Bozzy time and toil

Until The Life was considered perfect.


And we can how Bozzy did revere

His great and giant friend.

For they were constant companions

From the beginning to the end.


But Boswell did write great journals too,

With many an astute observation.

And with...

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Stuart VannerJames BoswellBiography

Jack Nicholson

This great actor is quite stunning

He can captivate and be cunning.

In his movies one must be drawn in

With his gripping stare and sinister grin


The way in which his roles are styled

Are often crazy or rather wild.

He can be funny and also grave,

And the films of his I always crave.


A role for which he won an award

Was of a man in a psychiatric ward.

And he ...

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ActorsFilm StarsJack NicholsonStuart Vanner


Our personalities do keep us sane,

And from day to day should be the same

-The same way to think and behave,

Whether you be a king or a slave.


When we go to sleep and after wake,

We should be the same between that break.

To have the same attitude and qualities,

Our role in this world and how to perceive.


The same things that we love and hate.

Each day leading t...

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PersonalityPsychologyStuart VannerThe BrainThe Mind


Where does time come from?

And to where does it then go?

There may be no answer to this puzzle,

For it seems no-one can ever know.


When we have fun it is oft ignored,

But trundles by when we are bored.

One may find an hour is long,

But others may think that this is wrong.


So time can be our enemy,

But it can also be our friend.

But remember time has no begin...

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Stuart VannerTime


Trust can be a wonderful thing,

But if broken you shall feel the sting.

And firstly trust must be earned.

For it is a lesson to be learned.


It is most important when one is low,

And to be with them and not to go.

So show them that you are still there,

And also that you truly care.


When one is in a poorly state,

Be with them now - do not be late.

So comfort t...

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HonestyStuart VannerTrust

Philosophy for today

Why are we all here?

What is life all about?

Are we sure that there's a God?

Or are we in some doubt?


How should we all live?

Is it always right to be good?

Are we constantly being judged?

Or are we understood?


Where are we all going?

And is it left up to fate?

Is it best to be early?

Or should we arrive late?


Is it best to be honest?

To be des...

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Stuart VannerLifePhilosophy

The Story of Our Lives

Every day we live a story,

Including characters and plots.

Some of them are exciting,

While some of them are not.


Is it firstly all planned out?

Or made up as we go along?

What sort of person shall we be in it?

Will we be weak or strong?


Can we choose to write the scripts?

Can we choose how it all ends?

Shall it finish good and happy?

And is there a moral...

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Stuart VannerLifePhilosophyStories



This summer season must be the best,

For it is when with the world I am most impressed.

It is time to be out and to have constant fun,

To be under blue skies and the endless Sun.


Time for scorching hot days and muggy nights,

To see smiling faces all filled with delight.

It is time to relax and time to unwind,

While all about you there is joy to find.



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Stuart VannerSummerSummertimeSeasons


While talented people live for themself

Geniuses live for everyone else.

Since they always strive for perfection

Constantly pursuing their direction


Geniuses - they do not relent

Until their time has been thoroughly spent.

And whichever field they do follow

There is nothing else in which they wallow.


Whether it be science, sports, music, writing,

To watch their...

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GeniusesStuart VannerTalent


In this world are we all different

Or are we all the same?

Don't we all deserve to have respect

And the right to have a name?


Do we not all have feelings?

Do we not all breath the same air?

Don't we all enjoy the same weather

In this world that we all share?


Do we not all have the right to be safe

And the right to feel secure?

And should this all last just f...

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Stuart VannerEgalitarianismEqualityFairnessHopePeaceFreedom


Depression is the loneliest place.

It is full of awful and terrible frustration.

We hate everything (ourselves as well)

And gone is each idea and sensation.


Depression is being trapped in a dark cave,

And only outside exists light.

All black is everywhere we turn

And there seems no end to it in sight.


Depression is to have a body of lead

That we must carry wher...

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DepressionHopeMiseryStuart Vanner

Trying Times

Getting through the day can be a challenge,

And often is an uphill struggle.

So I sometimes wonder why I go on each day,

And never find the answer to this puzzle.


Too oft life does not go my way

And seems to me to be unfair,

And it is when I hold my hopes up highest

That they crash down into despair.


This world that can be cruel and strange

But I must lead this...

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Stuart VannerChallengesHardshipStruggling. Hope

My Wishes

I wish I could have no troubling thoughts or considerations,

And that I felt only pleasing sensations.

I wish I could have more self-esteem.

And that I could live the loveliest dream.

I wish that in strife I could stay strong,

And that I could right every wrong.

I wish all problems I could correct

And all things in life would be perfect.

Sometimes I wish I could depart this...

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Stuart VannerWishesHopes


A true friend shall stay with you

Throughout thick and thin,

And shall not come and go

According to whim.


They should be there to listen,

To be generous and kind,

And in a real friend

This is what you should find.


And in face of all problems

True friends should not leave you

And always be close by,

And there to receive you.


So should you find your...

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Stuart VannerFriendshipFriend

To Harbour a Feeling

Could I but harbour a feeling,

Tie it down so it wouldn't escape.

Could I but box in a sensation

And wrap it in sticky tape.


Could I but enjoy working,

Then I would appreciate rest.

Could I but feel elation,

Without later becoming depressed.


Could I but organise my mind,

Put memories in some sort of order.

Could I but spend all the rest of my days

In exci...

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EmotionsFeelingsStuart Vanner


The prettiest pictures of beauty are formed by nature's own.

Look out for it is free and always alone.

We may see behind a sky that's blue and bold

Shines a glorious globe of greatest gold,

And the wind which swirls in a wavy path

Blows the tears of heaven to create a shallow nature's bath.

And by vast flying vapours various moulds are made,

Slowly travel throughout the light ...

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NatureStuart VannerWeatherWildlife

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