At Christmas Time

Christmas is a time which we love and adore.

When we are happy, excited and so much more.

It is time when certain magic can all be believed,

When special gifts are both sent and received.


It is a time for families to all get together,

And be merry and joyful - whatever the weather.

It is time to put all quarrels aside,

To have fun and laughter with no need to hide.


It is a time for us all to be cheerful and jolly,

And maybe quite silly and full of folly.

It is time to understand and a time to be kind.

It is a time to relax and a time to unwind.


It is a time to hear carolers sing,

And everywhere goodwill all people bring.

Is it time to hope for the soft thick snow?

Will it fall this year? Who can know?


It is a time to tuck into a fabulous feast,

Then as we indulge, all talk may be ceased.

It is a time to excuse one for having a drink.

Then have another as there's no need to think.


And as this festive time comes to an end,

Another year is coming, to which we must attend.

Then to the future we must all now look.

To begin a new chapter of our new book.

ChristmasStuart Vanner

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