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Look No Further

Look No Further 

I need a friend to be with me
Whenever I am low 
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now on your way child go.

I need someone to help me
Whenever I go wrong,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child run along.'

I need someone to be there
To help me every day,
'Look no further' said the Lord
'Now go child on your way'

I need someone to be with me
To make sur...

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Eternal Infancy

No matter how many years are added to my life,

I will always be a child.

For in Your presence- it is all I can be.

Though infancy is not to my memory

I can feel it overwhelm me as though it is all I have ever known

Grabbing for Your pinky,

Drawing nearer and nearer to You,

At the approach of all that is new

Of all that is strange

Of all that troubles me

Gazing with un...

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Grieving My Father

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I miss your laughter.

I miss your face.

I miss your sweetness, the light of your ways.

I miss the beauty of your honesty, and the loveliness of your grace.

The grandness of your dignity, and the glory in your truth.

The strength that you gave me,

The honor in committment and nobility in life. 

I thank you for showing me God.

The loosing you, cuts like a knife.


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