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Cipher's Guilt

Guilty conscience, surrounded by correspondence

consciousness come in waves, enamored with our better days

up and downs, stuck in a rut

frequent lethargy, the frequencies sparking a chain reaction

brain's reacting

says no.

body mind and soul glued to the floor, psyche myself up

then tear myself down


pieces of our life dwindle in this present we call time

too dark to...

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Something isn’t right

I no longer have this feeling that I need to hide


I should feel delighted 

But instead all I am is frightened 


The thought of it not being beside me

Makes me feel like there’s nothing left inside me.

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Letters with in

I don't paint or write anymore 
I don't even read
Where am I?
Where did I go?
It is dark here; 
Save me
Bring me back to the surface
Read the letter addresses by me..
To my self
So I write back
It's been a while 
I don't even remember what it was like;
What it was like to not just see color 
But to feel it 
I can't remember what it's like to feel the words flow out of me 
I don't ev...

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I want it to be over

The voices in my head 

Telling me to end it

And let go of everything I’ve dreamt


I want it to be over

The feeling that I’ve dread

The endless loop to stop

I don’t want to be afraid


I want it to be over

I want to start again 

This time no voices 

This time I’ll put an end.

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Brisk and colorless,

A pitted husk masks the ceiling,

The green earth rocking back and forth.


Horses halt before the golden trenches,

On this brisk autumn night,

Wind shaking their docile springs.


Your tongue raises to another tone,

Proclamations of the weathered elements,

And places of shadowed glory.


Blackened hands,

Covered in the dirt of yesterday’s...

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I found a way 


To redeem myself if I may


Followed by sorrow


Headed to nowhere only to follow


Hoping all this erases the pain


Knowing all this is for nothing and all is in vain.

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My fate is not in your hand

GOD makes our fates alone

Our life are surely planned

GOD feeds the ant in the stone


World is certainly small

If compared to Galaxy as shown

Whoever believes is a giant

GOD to perish the giant alone


MY heart is calm and glad

Satisfied of what I own

Whatever you earn in the dark

SURELY you'll pay it at noon


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