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Oh, what a looming scream.

Rippled through the cast

of the soldering blade.


Of heroic tasks

the elders have made.


The pursuit is unknown,

as we stand tall and alone.

Perhaps a screech or a moan,

what a price we must pay.


A darkened glimpse,

of all failed attempts.

To enlighten a gaze

of where not, we shall stay.


Complacent creatures,


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Also by Chaz Allen:

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In Despondency

The things of life that fall for some in place -

the winds and rain for friends and love to breathe,

the rays of goals that arcs of purpose trace,

stuff that might rainbows of contentment weave -


they never did for me. Seldom I crossed

their paths and glimpsed these ghosts; yet to elope

with them I wished – from hours listless, lost -

but soon they vanished – taking with ...

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in despondency poem by chris laverty

Silent Light 

entry picture

Hello silence, my old friend.
It's good to see you, 
hear you, feel you
once again.

No flashing phones.
No clashing tones.
No busted seams.
No broken dreams.

Just breathing in gratitude,
marinating the moment,
exhaling ego,  
connecting to the prophet within.

Listening, learning, loving, 
by the naked light 
you bring.

# # #



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Also by Vautaw:

At Last | Interpretive Dance | Can We Pretend |



how funny in the darkest places

you see the brightest lights


in tears sunny faces

for hope cede their rights


in dirt purity rise

a consolation a shore


imaginary gods

giving you support


but even after breaking

all the bracing lies


still I can see in the darkest eyes

a glimpse of a familiar crying child


with deafening screams


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Also by racha:

burning hands |

Wide open spaces

Why does this 



And revolve 

Around minutes 

Dripping and squeezing 

And ticking and tockimg 

And oozing 

The very life 

And soul 

Of the party 

Which seems 

To offer so much 

And show 

So little 

I mean 

Take Sunday night 

For example 

I long for that 

Machine of your 


With peddles and paddles




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Also by Twilbury Wist:

the fallen |


Like a simple rose

growing in the sunny day

winter bears its fangs


snow and ice attack

ripping earth up leaf by leaf

till there’s nothing left


empty cold darkness

nothing here except the void

deafening silence


then the spring rolls in

new life grows where death once was

rose springs up again


so the humans live

living, suffering, repeat


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Also by CharaOfNothing:

Rose | After The Life |

A Writers Life

A writers life, a writers mind

Thoughts bombarding, counting time

You ache to write down what you see

The things you hear, the trapped, the free


Views and opinions, feelings strong

A writer knows not right or wrong

Just wants to capture colour and shade

Like military regalia on parade


To lore, to reel the reader in

To enter the writers mind within

A banner o...

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Also by Fred Varden:

Fanny Arlington |


entry picture

Pushing out into the wilds.
Beyond all sense through the blue.
Following new paths .
A surge upwards towards the light.

Between reasons....drifting seasons.
Snow and ice to pull on skin....
Abrasive .....a slow corrosion. 
No man’s land for the taking.

These are the frontiers that we must bridge. 
This is the year that the walls will tumble.
On this we advance to change everything.

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Also by Harvey202020:

Sink | Fast Forward | New grass |



Pursuing the trail of the

the Golden bog – police

ask for help – if you’re out

for a jog – or you may find it

hidden behind a tree – when

out dog walking and must

spend a penny. It could be

disguised in a coat of shellac

but there’ll be no questions if

they get it back – and none

of those wise  cracks from you

lot either – about the police

having nothing to go o...

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Also by Philipos:


More Beautiful Than They Would Have Us Believe

Logs are flaming in the fire pit.

Late evening sky turns dark and fills with stars.

A glass of red to disinhibit

And my heart fills with gladness

And bursts with gratitude.

What are these inhibitions anyway?

Just societal chains thrown my  way

Posing as lifelines,

But in reality, tethers,

Binding me to a truth

No longer of any value in my world.

Fire, darkness, shi...

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entry picture

The moon, full in splendor, 
Glittering off the face of the water, 
Oh night! When I was willing to let go. 

Face filled with fear, you held unto me,
For your life depended on it, 
Eyes blinded by anger, 
I did not see past the bravery in your grip,
And I willingly let go

Now my heart bounces off the pure shades of guilt, 
My head questions a thousand times over,
Was it really anger ...

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Desire for authentic amidst pretentious

In this era of pretentious,

how will I choose the Pearl,

among the numerous lustourus fake one.


How will I know if it is authentic,

all look so promising,

shiny, shimmery and beautiful.


Or let the circumstance decide,

with filing of tough time,

authenticity of the Pearl.


When the original remains as it is,

and fake show their true self,

hidden beneat...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

Wing and fin | Classic and commercialization | Sand | Dreams and desires | Hope and sunshine | Equality and empowerment | Partition: Nightmarish verity |


I forgot my grace 
I forgot my place 
I forgot myself 
inside of waste 
I made mistakes 
I was awake 
I was asleep 
I was in between 
walled in slate 
lost in grey 
persistent decay 
bends the frame 
a picture blurred 
a love refrained.


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Also by MyDystopiA:

Time |

Keep hope alive

entry picture

Keep hope alive
Sunday,15th September 2019

Keep hope alive
and love to live
with harmony and peace
life shall always be at an ease

you both are love birds
and need words
to comfort each other
without any fear

you had inclined
but never declined an offer
to live together
and came near

this is what our journey has to do
and pass-through
happiness or ordeals
to feel right and real


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Also by Hasmukh Mehta:

Poetical sentiments | Lovely princess | Be good individual | Great relief | Never starve | Meet with rough weather | Know and love | War-no option | Help me | Waves shall | Pray for mercy | Bitter memory | Peace stays | Less you focus | My book | My little flower | Poetry- an expression | Love as I take | Come back | Mass destruction | Self-elevation and | Show them door and | Life doesn't end | Three cheers |


Paying it Forward

Karma kicked me in the butt

Asked me "Have you had enough?"

"No" I said, "Bring it on.

It's because of you that I am strong!"

The lessons learned from day to day

Help guide me on my fateful way

Bringing light into the dark

From each new shore I embark

On a voyage to the end

For good Karma to defend




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Also by Lisa C Bassignani:

Him | The Moors |






I have learned my lessons

Hard way or easy way, I’ve learned

Curiously or experience, they’re all lessons

Academically or life wise, dear I’ve learned


Of all educators, fathers are greater teachers

Little emotional, but you will learn

Experience is most brutal of all teachers

It will hurt, but you’ll learn, dear learn


Don’t say I am watch...

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Also by Lucas Chihinga:

My Pain | 'Could've Been |



Out in the fields

you will find

traces of trails

just faint bending of grass

underneath sight

a way in the dirt

from place to place

where something has gone through

enough times the same way

to leave their mark

the fields are full of roads like this

left by creatures of the night

busy at their work

comings and goings

paths toward escape

or home.


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Palestine protesters demonstrating outside H.S.B.C.

Girls certainly know how to shop,

As into our shopping precincts they drop.

They carry more bags than us men,

Filling their bags agen and agen.


Girls you keep our economy alive,

Without you it would not survive.

Males purchase probably one in ten,

Our economy would be dead if it was up to men.


Colourful accessories you girls do buy,

To attract the attention of ...

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Also by hugh:

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a view from the Mainland

A shortie using tanka template:


we had to return

this one last time to listen

to the black head gulls

and watch the otters bobbing

in the ripples of Harray.


the loch was calmness.

as clouds scudded from the West

and the wind grew strong

we folded umbrellas.  it’s

raining now and Hoy is gone.


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Also by Rick:

I looked up (final version (for now) ) | I looked up | broken home |




I have lately been contemplating taking my life

The question is, how?

I live on the seventh floor with a veranda

The falling is not bad I shudder by the impact

Also, upsetting people.

A shotgun in my mouth blowing my brain out Is too ghastly,

 Ernest Hemingway did it shoot himself

Blood and gore all over the place.

A 22-calibre pistol should do it, but I dis...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

looking for serenity | sleepless | flowers | a notion | Jacob's ladder | blowing in the wind | as the wind blows | future | reality check | consensous | the collapse |

Why is Britain in such a Catastrophic Shambles Over Brexit?

entry picture

Why is Britain in such a Catastrophic Shambles Over Brexit?


Australia has a variation of the Westminster system


It has a written constitution which all elements of politics must comply

Only the people can amend this.

That is, the people have sovereignty


The British system does not have this


Australia has a long history of referendums which bind the Parliament


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Also by Don Matthews:

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Lonely by definition

A pseudo-ground between life and death,

Frozen in the Magistrate,

Free me from the shackle.


The winds shift,

Side to side,

Bristling against a window at night.


Gashes form in hearts of gallor,

And candles lit,

Melting streams of wax and fermented apathy.


Gather what remains,

In a pitiful puddle,

And sing to the wallowing winds.


They look,


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Also by Adrian Metcalf:

Life is cruel |

Psychotic Girl

lying in the bath, curled in a daze

staring at my hand, ring finger twitching

eyes losing focus, antipsychotics sedating

right foot twitching, clinically agitated

stomach protruding, appetite increased

screams of bubbles bursting, whispers intruding

scent of my body, artificial strawberry

ignore the shouts, but they hurt me

mountains of bubbles, naïve body purifying


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mental health issuespoetry and mental healthPsychosis


The pomegranates
are ripe on the tree
across the road
and the swallows
are skimming beneath the power lines
and the soft blue sky
The washing on the balcony rail is dry
The village dogs bark
Church bells summon summer in
and the early morning peace
is broken as a tractor heads for the fields
The sun heats the soft grey
feathers on the pigeon’s back
and he leaves his chimney perch

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countrysideFlogitaGreeceSundayvillagevillage life


I’m no one trick pony!

I saddled, rode and tamed you.

Walked through the fire & spit out the ashes then bathed with the smoke and that was just in passing. 

Lifted up other when I was in the trenches.

Soared over heartache-deflected all pain.

Only taking a break to feel the rain.

You see I never said I was perfect nor claim to be.

Just a lady with many layers, 

so many it a...

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Also by northern_nay:


speech of angels

entry picture

"Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche 




A waterfall of notes, rising and falling, 

Splashing into mind, heart, soul. 

Music will never grow old. 

Arpeggio series of broken chords rising descending

Into and out of order. Plunging into minor keys, rising into waves of luminosity.

Notes that compose a chord are played or sung in a rising or des...

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Also by John E Marks:

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Numero Uno

From early childhood

Til our days are done;

We're conditioned to strive

For 'Number 1' ;

Anything less 

 is incompetency;

Everyone thinking

Of Me! Me! Me!

A society rent

By competition;

Virtue displaced

By blind ambition;

A victor's not the one

Who wins first-place;

All are winners

Who finish the race!


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The End

The End


Bombers race in unison along

expectant runways

Laden with a deadly nuclear cargo

to dislodge our planet from its axis

As we are cast like confetti

into an inter galactic gloom

Leaving our earthly home abandoned

desolate and forever stricken

Leaders shout the futile slogans

of their defunct ideologies

Beauty is gone in a blinding flash

verdant meadow...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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A Birthday Blessing

entry picture

              A Birthday Blessing

            Birthdays are special events

            To be celebrated with laughter and cheer.

            We share these special times in life

            With those love ones so dear.


            When a life touch’s so many.

            This special event is a birthday blessing.

            The longer the life

            The more ch...

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Also by Belinda Sue Kiser:

You Found Your Way Home | Life is a Chain Reaction |

Wakey, Wakey


Someone, anyone. Not rich or famous
but very, very fortunate.
Awoke somewhere, well, it was a hospital.
And someone, it must have been a doctor
said simply "You're cured!"
The patient, flooded with relief, was unable to speak.
Later a nurse arrived with a bite to eat.
The patient smiled and, feeling unworthy
lowered his gaze. Obviously he would have to
offer a pro...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Future Is Another Country | Power In The Eyes | Quiz On Greek Gods |


entry picture

Poem 120 of 230: A GOOD SEASIDE DAY - AUTUMN 2000

Via the art gallery,
Blackpool how it used to be;
Via a famous tower,
The Blackpool of the hour.
Via a maritime Mount,
Fleetwood with its channel out.
And, via a coastline tram,
The autumn-night lit-art jam.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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is this the hope-ward road?

through wastelands

of ruined love

sorrow my only luggage

deceivers have stolen

every one of my hearts treasures

now they are dancing partners

with the inflictions of memory


am I ever to leave

their traitorous damaging's

far behind

in my rear-view mirror

or go on forever trying to cry away

the distances I am travelling

on this highway of blue shadows?


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Also by Rose Casserley:

with hAvOc as a memory | inexplicable entities | unforgettable underdogs aka real human beings ( a just HAS TO BE for all on WOL ) | weak days | withdrawal |


All I want to do is hold you close and show you.

Because with all of this space between us...

Sometimes words are not enough.

Sometimes words are too much.

Sometimes when it all feels too rough.

Sometimes the only thing that will suffice is touch. 

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A Bag Of Spuds And A Swede (part 1)




A Bag of Spuds and a Swede (part 1)


It was as if his birthdays had all come at once

Double family allowance, and double dole

But now he’s down to just twelve and half pence

Sat alone in the watering hole


He’d been up since the crack o’ dawn that day

And snuck down as his family all slept

And he rifled through Annie’s old handbag

Where her most prize...

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new dawn

the infinite dawn

pale light too the horizon

destiny boding

to the rise of the dreamtime 

of eternity’s extent

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catcher of my shadows | narcotic |

Death of a Flame.

Two hearts.

One sky.

Two souls. 

You and I.


One moon. 

Four young fists.

Two Lips.

Long lasting kiss. 


Once a flame, now a smoldering blaze lasting long after the sunrise.

Throw your matches into the fire, take that chance and pray they won't burn out.

Run with me beyond reality and back. 

Hold my hand and pull me headfirst into the oblivion of us. 


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Finlay Milo

Fair haired boy.. soldier a cart he does pull
for the cart holds his dreams
brightest of light so bright ...never dull
beautifully fair with angel tone skin
The boy he does care
deepest love from within
protect him and love him
nourish his soul

the boy he sees through you
He speaks to your soul
a spontaneous loveable summer time child
clear sounding tones in his voice gentle mild

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:



My first poem

entry picture

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What is home?

sometimes I feel I have a foot in each country,

my legs lay witness to the vast unknown of the sea

I visit one, and live in another-

yet I never feel like I truly belong.

In my birthplace, I am asked: 

Where are you from?

And yet, I was born not 20 miles from where we stood.

in the land of my ancestors,

there too I am asked of my origin

So, I am left wit...

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The Wait

The passing of time marks a path to martyrdom 

I have been a martyr since seven am.

Five hundred steps trod by a medium-sized foot from Hell to Home

One hard labor-filled day's worth of patience to determine who I am.


She said "They will come in the afternoon".

Not precise enough to keep my hand and mind steady. 

I push the minutes as the hours dawdle; He whispers: "Soon..."


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Also by Mae Foreman:

I Refuse | Wedding Wish |

My Place

Stand at a high place and look.

Hair-rush winds lung freshen.

Wind, neither warm nor cold, they’d call a gale.


No bother weather that’d put the good folk off.

Stand in a jumper when they’d insist on a coat.


Wind: releasing tension’s grip;

ferreting out knickety burr-wrinkles;

soothing skackety skick-crinkles.


Breathe Height; ride groundswell.

See aeons str...

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What more ?

The garish lights,

Artistic banners,

A milleu of intellects.

such well chosen melancholy music.

The costliest bouquets.

Dear society!

What more do you need

in your funeral?


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Indelible | Some Scars,Some Joys | Seeking Help |


entry picture

My darkness reaches new heights, 

I let my demons loose and they begin to take flight. 

Ascending, as the volume of my innocence tries to resist and put up a fight. 

Though it’s too late...My sins envelop me and I lose the part of myself which was once light. 


Image: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.disclose.tv/amp/315540

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Desires (part II)

I dream to be flying free

Over distant lands and sea

Roaming around in unknown streets

Exploring countries and wild trees

The forest dense and constructed sites

Discovering people and their unique lifestyle

A sudden urge to break the boundaries

And visiting places that my heart desires to see

World is beautiful with its beauty strewn around

Picking up pieces and making m...

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Also by Do.RoThY:

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early brew

Coffee ☕️
It’s much too early
For mundane things
Dream of night
Each morning brings
Too many thoughts
This thinking stings
☕️ coffee
Hot, sweet, full
Bodied flavour
Brew a new....
Of old and borrowed


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Good bye old thoughts

The  pain that is  inflicted upon us

Leaves  our mind full of ruckus 

The fight between wrongs and rights

Can keep us dwelling and awake all night


Walls they cave in on top

We ask our minds to stop


Tossing and turning frantically 

Visions of pain played out dramatically 


Worries and fear 

Won't disappear 

Because we lend a listening ear

To those who ...

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Also by Lysa d:

No time to pause | Mind over matter | Time is precious |


entry picture

Sometimes you can surprise yourself at what you can acheive when you ignore your so called limitations...


Bumblebee's body

Is way too heavy

It's wing span

Far too small


This little fella

Can't fly

But he doesn't

Know that 

At all

He keeps flying...

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Friday 13th | Bridge Of Forgiveness | Older | Selfie Obsessed | The Magician | Climate Change | Her Dog's Voice | Mixed Messages | Bad Brexit Romance | Poetic Pianist | Woven song titles | Never serious, Never settled | Warrior of Spirit |

#poetry #motivation #inspirational #nature

Little Bird


Fly, fly Little Bird

Your time has come

Go up and beyond the horizon


Your tears are done

Your pain is gone now

You’re free and ready to fly


Spread your wings Little Bird

Don’t fear fly to our Lord

He awaits you with open arms


Angels will welcome you

Mother Mary embrace you 

Your new life has just begun


We’ll miss you Little Bird


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Also by Julia:

Invitation |


Tucked in the shadows of some apartment complex on Baymeadows that consumes itself with tonight in order to forget about their tomorrow’s. I of course are one of these blokes, that tends at the shit hole bar that serves all of these folks. Happy or content, I’m not sure I know I know the difference. See I was talking to Jeff at the bar who made me think about what I’m missing. Surely I was made fo...

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Have you ever seen an advert to bring you up short:

An invitation in plain English: " Old poets sought"?

If you have, I'll say bravo (and not be satirical)

To salute what is surely a literary miracle.

For no matter where you might be found

Scribbling at sea or with feet on the ground

Whether you be close by or maybe far-flung,

Poetry offers preference to those who are young.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


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