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Summer Seascape

In the sun's mid-day heat

I see the tall field grasses flow, swell

and come towards me in waves               

surging before the day's wind

the seed-head spume constantly bowing

seems to fall on the field strand where I stand.

The rhythmic onslaught of the waves

continues through the long afternoon - 

a tide of wind-driven swells and rollers

always flowing to my feet, w...

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Harvest Memories

Glorious was that day:

Star rich the summer sky

Amongst the sun warm hay

We stole a sack on which to lie


Warm was that night:

Grass framed the starry gems

Below the hov'ring kite

We kissed amongst the tall grass stems


Heavenly was that tryst:

Grass rough the bed we made

Below a dusky mist

We took our love as grasses swayed


Fierce was that lust:


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