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your soul songs.

A world of lonely people

are waiting for you

with open arms. 


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Someones Soul

It was an autumn day
And it was cold.
The autumn in the yard.
The thunderstorm was arguing with rain.
The leaves were falling down to the ground.
Someone's soul sat quietly under the bench.
It shivered with cold and it was wet.
The words of its owner it remembered
It could not do anything but regret.
'My soul, you prevent me from living, 
You can't stand any deceiving, 
You pain so hard...

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Soul stirrer

You asked for my soul

and I laid it bare, for you.

Trampled, beaten, mistaken, burnt, and forgotten

It lies in the depth of a blue sea

out of breath and still.

Moss and coral has taken over my soul 

or what is left of it.

A black and blue striped fish stopped by yesterday to check if she can lay her eggs in there.

I think she will.

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Looking into the depths of your soul

Your eyes glassy like a window

I try to reach out to you, but as if on cue,

You pull your shades down

You put up a nice facade

Concealing it with your dimpled smiles

You think you hid it well from me

But you'll watch me wreck your walls

Flames of orange and blue dancing in your eyes

Red blazing your skin and forming a silhouette

I ...

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old soul

old soul

good you understand 

not many do 

some are judgemental

yes its possible 

to have too much 

of a good thing

living on a mountain than hikes

we are all old souls

some just dont realize

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Art as the Gaining and Practise of Wisdom

Art as the Gaining and Practise of Wisdom


What are you doing this morning? – and will you play again

your lustrous fiddle for the coins strangers drop into your hat?

Or have you moved on from hustling Trafalgar Square

where the floating Yodas connect like Einstein's cat?

Either way, your art creates its beauty by merely becoming

the eloquent centre of its universe, its mimet...

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The fearless fighter scared of none,
Stood in front of me since young,
Made of indignant rage and fear,
What would i be without him near.

The boisterous guy that speaks for me,
Demands respect so ruthlessly,
Strength from fearless fighter's strength,
Without him who would i be.

The money man he comes and gos,
He buys respect for me from crows,
But when he leaves they circulate,

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Trapped soul

I sold my soul now i'm paying the price

He feeds off my anger and sadness

he wont let me out i feel trapped

i'm stuck in this deep dark deprivation 

It started off fine because i was blind

Now i see it for what it really is

i'm outside looking in at it

his eyes are dark and souless

nothing in their but evil

I feel like a possession and object a thing. 

Not a human bei...

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