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Calm My Mind

God please calm my mind
And heal my heart, I am drained
Please take away pain

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Hiding in the dark

Sun beams through a rough parchment

Glimpse of a rainbow

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I arrive in Peace
The warmth of home says hello
I have come to stay

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lovehaikuNaturepeace within one self

The Still Quiet Air

The still quiet air
The freezing touch of his hand
Death is by my side

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Poetic insomnia

The battle begins -

Poetry behind my eyes

Will not let me sleep. 

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A midnight black sky

Seen in the bedroom mirror

By eyes that won't close

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Sunday evening teacher blues

I should be working

My brain has reached its limits

And wants to drink wine

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Why the hell did I agree to this

School swimming lesson

The hell of nineteen wet kids

To get dried and dressed


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Where Poetry Is Found


It’s in those moments 

That make us smile whilst crying

We find poetry.


It can be found as

The sun leaves behind a sky

Made of candy floss.


It can be found at 

Dawn, beneath the thunder cloud

Which could quench or drown.


It can be found in

The caress of a loved one,

You won’t see again.


It can be found by

Those who still demand justic...

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My Sunset Haiku as a Sunset Englyn

My Sunset Haiku [1] as a Sunset Englyn [2]


A green flash from the setting sun - and night

Now sea and sky are one

Dusk from the gold orb is spun

Thus this mystic day is done





Where sea and sky meet

                a green flash from the set sun

Lighting distant shores



The Welsh englyn unodl union is a straight one-rhymed englyn consi...

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haikuenglyn formenglynionsunsetdaynightdusksundarkseahorizon

A Silly Haiku

William had it wrong

                A haze of purple bluebells

Much more amazing

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To That Person Who Chips In To Finish A Crossword For You

To That Person Who Chips In To Finish A Crossword For You


It is much harder

To answer all but one clue

Than the missing last

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completioncrosswordfinal cluehaikushow off

Too blue to breathe

Blended is thy blue and sly be the cue
one flew over two,
resting in peace a few,
me and me and me and me and you.

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Words Flow









Words flowing from my mind
Touching people I don't know
Facing the future



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Set the paper boat

afloat upon the river

to find divine hands

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Stormy Blue Eyes











His stormy blue eyes
Mesmerized many women
But they sparked for her

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