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Autumn leaves to be reborn

The fluttering of the autumnal flags

clinging onto the last hope

of the now distant summer

brittle and brown they hang on

for dear life to their arboreal home.

The bark, it protects and guards the

living trunk against the bite of the

Northerly wind while the leaves

they suffer stoically the chilly breeze.

One final breath, and they are pulled

from their earthly space


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An Autumn in November

An autumn in November
Looks like a crying dame.
Afraid to lose her temper
She is in the oldest game.

A modest dress she wears, 
She loves the melodrama, 
She wants to see who cares
And stays in the nirvana.

She cries because of feelings, 
She sadly looks around, 
She hides her every evening, 
The sorrow she has found.

Angry with her reflection, 
She rarely looks at puddles.

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An Autumn Song for the Traveller

Before I go

Let me drink this rich wine

Let me sing my delight


This gold red dawn has promise:

vibrant with the cold sun

vanishing valley mists

leave damp spider web to shimmer

mistdrops on the long reeds

and ungathered lawn leaves

damply shining

against the muted green of wet grass.

This amber morning has perfection:

wonderfully wooded leaf tints


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The Colorof My Mood ...

The color of my mood is autumn.

It’s high time to write a poem…

The sights are marvelous and amazing.

Some trees are just blazing.

Like an artist the nature paints.

Little by little the warmth faints.

 The trees are razing their leaves,

More often the weather deceives.

Guess, what could you impress?

When autumn weaves a colorful dress!

What frightens us in a fall?


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Storm Watcher

He watched the leaves float

in the pond

windmoving on the surface

drop-pitted by rain,

leaves, orange-brown against the black depths


He watched the leaves stick

to the patio

wetgluing to the slate

slickened by the storm,

leaves, orange-brown against the black stone


He watched the leaves move

on the trees

wildwaving off the branches

leafstripped by t...

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Autumn Thoughts

Black steel

curling wrought iron



Beneath me

coffee steam

and noise



and a poet

sits talking


his foot jiggling

as he gesticulates



autumn sun

shines on wet roofs

and casts

tree shadows

on house walls



the sea is rising


London sinks

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AutumnbalconyBrexitcafecoffeeglobal warmingLondonshadowssun

Late September Morn

I, dreamlost,


to golden leaves of beech


from my bed

as airdew clouds over the hedge

rise and vanish

as the eastern horizon above the valley

is lost, sunk

beneath dawndrifts of mist

not yet warmed to fade

beneath the clear blue sky;

the uncut grass of the dew-wet lawn,

droplet bent:

cool promise as

I, barefooted,


the cusp of the...

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The Season of cleanse

I hear the pitter patter outside my window
So soothing and melodic to my ears now
The rain outside is pouring down
Creating a melodic soothing sound
I again start to finally breathe
As this cleansing process sets me free
The noise it makes charms me
Often helping me see clearly
I long for Autumn to soon come around
It's the rainy season, I have found
The water trickling from the sky

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autumnblisscleancleansefreemelodicmental easepoemquietrainrainingSeasonseasonalseasonssoothing soundsoothongsoundtheraputictherapywater

Epiphany in the Early Morning

Low early autumn sun

a lone long strand of spider silk

                stretched across the window glass

                above a tiny downy feather like a snowflake

shivering in the breeze

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Early Autumn Lake

Below the incurious sheep on the hill

                that stare at me as they endlessly chew

The sun is warm and I perch on a stone to watch quietly

As it is reflected off the surface of the lake:

                the part not covered with pond weed

                where flies dip and buzz

                dragonflies and damselflies dart

                     and hover:


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Autumn leaves through the front door

Autumn leaves through the front door. 

The frightened leaves of the cherry trees 

Flee with the aid of the wintery breeze 

Get caught up in the metal frame 

Of the iron gate that stands tight shut. 

Their autumnal hues and end of the year  

Brittleness complete the picture 

Of the end of one season  

but also the beginning of 

a time of renaissance. 

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Night Next to Day

The rustle of the leaves in the air so dark

The black color of the autumn falls

The whistle of the wind, cool and covert

The striking chill, or lack thereof

The brightness of the moon that shines dull

The freshness of the invigorating air

The comeliness of the sky in bloom

The absence of invalid existence

The want for peace and quietude

The calmness and almost everlastin...

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Autumn's Arrival

The sky in the evening has a

Red tint, a glow

Hot air balloons float by, all

Is tranquil and slow

Already the colours are changing

On the bushes and trees

And the conkers are falling in

The gentle breeze

Let's walk the country lanes

Kick leaves up high

No more wayside flowers

They just wither and die

Make the most of the wild weather

We Have enjoyed today


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