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Moon Pool

Cowaramup is a small farming and tourist community in the Margaret River wine region of South-West Western Australia. My visit long ago remains an unsettling memory of alienation.


Moon Pool

The blue-black raven night

draws opal-scented folds

from quicksilver sparkle, scattered

like smashed glass over meeting grounds.


So it is, at this paddock fence

beside the scoop o...

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Parallel Echoes of Love

In the long small hours of dark                 Through the later time of darkness

I pause and gaze out at the stars              As we lay entwined beneath the moon


Somehow the frosted ground                    The nightly scene now sacred

Sharpens the air and the starlight             Welcomes the soft moonglow


Which lights my very soul:                        Entering both...

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When, at the end of a complicated season

of argument and negotiation

I check, and find that the moon is dark.

And will soon be new,


I consider the things undone

That will not now be done

And the things unexplained

Which will leave large pools of dissatisfaction


And I breathe out, out, emptying the air

From my lungs, and the worries

From my head; letting it a...

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Going to die if I can't write
the moon is falling falling 
out the sky time is blind 
the night flies by, 
wind screams sin, 
a howling white oblivion 

time time time 
ticks ticks ticks 
tick tock 
tick tock
dust to rock to dust 
partial particles 
squared and triangled
falling fearless 
into the blue 
I follow the rainbow 

rabbit skips 
the echo drips 
upside down 
the ...

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free writelovemoontimewriting

Dancing For The Moon

The sky has now faded from view

Now the only light left is from you

Sometimes I feel afraid at night

but then your glow makes me feel alright

The energy that makes me feel delight


This energy releases me from the monotonous daylight responsibilities

It allows me to be me and to fully embrace everything that I see

The tense person I was an hour ago has left and now I am ...

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As I look at the moon tonight.
It is full and bright 
blue illuminates through 
my mind, stars align.
I am fine.

I've been burning up inside
my twisted demise,
my dystopia.
Tunnel vision, 
lost my mission, 
lost my way, 
lost my vision. 

Each night I sit with silence, 
enveloped in despair.
penning lines in my mind, 
I fail to keep, 
losing too much sleep. 


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no title

It's time for bed,
the walrus said;
and so it is as now.
It's time for bed,
and so my head
is ready for the bow.
But words still gait
upon the wilt
of never and the row.
And gone are they
that hope and pray
for ever and for thou.

It's time for bed
the moon has said;
yet ever in her tide,
the moon is dead
and night has fled,
and dawn is by her side.
So wilt the sky,
in blossom ...

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Midnight Blues

Each night I fall in love all over again

With this world, this life, the things around me.

The darkness is inviting, I find comfort in its depths. 

Many fear what the night holds, but I spend each day looking forward to the night.

Finally alone, able to strip myself of this worldly mess.

I am myself in the evening,

I come alive in the night.

The sun reveals too much, too many ...

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