The Beauty

{ This about the Moon and her grace. }

The moon is so full and bright
it's beauty is powerful and the light bending and
turning for everyone to see her beauty.
Can I touch your beautiful spirit?
The way you pull the waves and whisper in the wind,
can people not see that the beauty lays within the moon?
Pull me closer, turn me into one of you.
I feel your beauty trapping me in your gaze,
you sing with the sirens, oh is your beauty deadly?
The stars can not out shine your beauty,
for it's too much for them.
Will you sing that melody for me?
Oh the moon is dazzling, so precious, and so far away.
Her beauty makes her wonderful, so powerful and fair.
I'm under the sea swimming and being so free, but I long for her beauty
so I may sing, for the moon's beauty is the reason why I protect what she longs to be.

#moon #mermaids #free-spirit

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