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don't burn.

to you,

i am nothing.


every memory

every laugh 

every smile

every tear

every mistake

every argument

every compliment

is nothing.


i could never compare

to weed

according to you.


i could never compare

to autism and down syndrome jokes

according to you.


my love for you

the fact that you're my best friend

the things you've help...

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betrayalburnburnoutfirefriendshiphighschoolhurtletter that will never be sentlongmessmetaphorold dreamspainpoemweed


There is no secret, there is no hurt,

Pure friendship does not ever curt.

Little there is to tell, little there is to ask,

Pure friendship forever lasts.

Sheer trust and belief, sacrifice in times of need,

Pure friendship does not ever show greed.

Utter confidence, no reason for a protest,

Pure friendship does not need confess.

Big dreams, utter faith,

Pure friendship al...

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If I had to leave you behind

entry picture

If ever I had to leave you behind
I just ask that you visit my shrine.
Always know that you can come to me, teary eyed; But only with tears of joy.
Tell me only of the happiest things,
Of all the moments that I have sadly missed.
Come to me bare, skin on skin, completely naked, share the things you cannot share with others.

All your secrets forever cherished in my buried embrace.


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The Clearing

entry picture

The Clearing Inspired by a dream I had as confirmation of My commitment to remain in the darkness with my friend as long as need be. I hear the screams of centuries falling Compassion, tumbling…down Values, landing…loudly Chainsaws…cutting… Right through our very hearts, Trucks dragging… Lifeless… Humanity… I tear through the thick of it Struggling to stay on my feet Terrified I run…I run, B...

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Friendshipselfless lovesupport


entry picture

Words, the only thing that connects me to you
Through words I figured out the things that you do
Words you want to say to the girls that you loved that are too good to be true
Words that I read just like the lyrics of my favorite songs

I figured their is a list of the girls in your heart
You fall too easy something that is common with my heart
I don't know how many times I hoped for an us

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friendsfriendshiplovePainunrequited love

Helpless Still

entry picture

Six months, ten days have passed Yet nothing has changed

Time has not started since that April day…

Sadness remains Tears constant

Helpless still…

Days remind me of a rollercoaster ride Not one you enjoy…

But the dreaded kind… Where every uncertain second So unkind

One day bearable… The next, a bottomless pit…

Falling, Anger overwhelming Emptiness always …

Helpless still


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death of a childfriendshipgrieflovepainsupport


entry picture

My friend hurts and there's nothing I can do. Time stood still for you… and I was sleeping Forgiving me is not in my scheme of things. Your world crumbled … I was not there. Through silly vibrations I awoke to a world so different…. So sad….so silent and empty. The news come and I SCREAM your name wishing… the loudness would shatter this nightmare But I am awake and it’s not a dream, “you lost you...

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commitmentfriendshiploss of a childselfless love

Choosing to stay.

entry picture

My friends’ son died! There I said it! He didn’t pass away or go home or any of the hundreds of euphemisms that people choose to use, he died, he’s gone and he is never coming back! 353 days,50 Wednesdays after the fact and all still seem so unreal. There is not a day that passes that I wake up and not think…how can this be? How could this happen to her? I cannot stand that she is experiencing t...

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Be strongbeing therefriendshipgriefloss of a childunconditional love


Silent stood time,
when you came to mind.
Pure delight it sought, 
in each and every thought.
Talks of ours will be cherished,
for I will never let it go perished.
Admiring our words with such amaze,
laughing about our selves like craze.
Cheered each other all the while,
till we got back our forgotten smile. 
Became friends unnoticed by all,
cocooned our hearts with a pious love shawl.

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Mi Anemone

entry picture

A warmth in her blossomed,

He made her smile from her heart. 

She was too scared to tell him,

So she played the friendship part. 


An unknown feeling flourished within, 

Her guard unfolded and withered. 

He stole her affection like a thief at night,

Replaced with emotions she tried to fight.


The attraction stemmed deeper,

She knew he was a keeper.



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flowersfriendshiploveUnrequitedunrequited love

"For Ashley" :)

entry picture

If I could be so honest
For just a minute or two
I have something special
I’d like to share with you

I want to let you know
Right from my very heart
How much I am thankful
For the wonderful friend you are

A good friend is rare,
And the most cherished gem of all
Like a twinkle in the night
When the wish you make comes true

Beautiful on the inside as well as the out 
You’re understandin...

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friendshipHelping each other

For Ali :)

entry picture

Sometimes, we get lonely
On this place that we call Earth
Sometimes, we feel too small
To hold all the feelings we have inside.

We don't want to sit and talk about it
We rather shed a tear or two about it
Play our favorite sad songs
To get us through the cold night.

Just remember that you’re intelligent and kind,
Like an elegant American rose 
A true woman of music 
You can get through ...

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friend helping outfriendship

New Friends Are Golden

entry picture

Living on my own
A million miles from home
Caught in a web of loneliness
Wondering where my hope went to

Stranded in a dark place
Not a flicker of light in sight
Like a child that has gone astray
Trying to find his way back home

But, then you reached your hand out towards me
Threw lights on my lanes like fireflies
You barely knew who I was
Hardly even knew my name

My life was at a low ...

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For Brianna

entry picture

Sometimes we’re lonely,
sometimes we’re down,
Our feelings are obvious,
they’re right in our frown.

We don’t want to talk,
or sit and explain,
Nobody would like it,
if they felt the same pain.

But just remember that you’re
intelligent and kind,
A person like you,
is so hard to find.

Your beautiful smile,
is often the cure,
You can get through anything,
of that I am sure.

Cheer up, ...

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For Meghan ?

entry picture

You're a sweet blend of rare and special 
So many talents to share with the blue world
A genuine smile that knows how to shine
When people walk by, they eagerly wave.

Joy is something you always put on display 
Even when times seems so grey
Please keep in mind, that you're not alone
If you wish to talk, just pick up the phone.

When you're feeling stuck in a rut
And don't know what to do

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friend helping outfriendship

My Old Dog

entry picture

She is 17 years old,

How many dog years is that?

She is grey around the muzzle.

Very little body fat.

Chicken carcass fills her skin,

So fragile and so weak.

Blind blue opaque eye,

Her temperament so meek. 

She sleeps stretched out,

Small brittle arthritic bone.

She twitches as she sleeps,

Time left now is life on loan.

She sleeps so soundly,

this warm summer...

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For a Friend

I think life should be about caring, loving and trusting. 
We should follow a life where we give what we can to others.
Not money but love, faith and understanding.
When friends are in their dark space we would shine out our torch of hope, 
Provide an ear to help them cope. 
Listen when they talk, 
take time not to judge. 
We should be better at listening, 
Not pushing our views. 
We shou...

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They lived their lives not too far apart

Both in age as well as distance

Born to families true and strong

Their days where filled with laughter

For him she was the sister he never had, he just forgot to tell her 

At 21 they left their homes to make their way and somehow their contact faltered

Then one evening after a concert pure with joy

In a crowded station she spotted his f...

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Lost Friends

"Like a house of cards, 
one blow from caving in..." 
I sing heavily alone in our house, 
carrying the weight of our dead 
friendship in my voice, 
hopelessly waiting for a familiar hug, 
a touch of warmth to lighten 
the evergrowing darkness in my mind. 

I can still feel the love in our captured memories,
hear the leaves rustle with a deafening reminder
of the time I forgot how to spe...

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Death Brought Us Closer

Death brings us closer #25


The only connection I truly had with this young man was the darkness that beholds us both,

He could speak with such talent and such words, you would think it was a bible oath,

This young, charming and daring man was a fighter,

However, all fights but come to an end,

In his case, it was the end, however, I will remember this, and I will defend,


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Lovers or Friends?

What are we, friend or lover,

I feel so far from you, not knowing if we are together,

You said when we got together it would be forever,

Forever is cut short, as you know you can't be faithful, not at all,

You would prefer to ask for attention of a guy you don’t know,

Instead of getting the affection of your lover you act towards him, as you’re a foe.


Are you my friend or lo...

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friendshiplovelove and hateLovers

My Dearest Friend

You have proven to be my biggest ally, knowing

Me better than anyone else.


Shaping my thoughts into the paper canvas, opening

A door for them to see into my world.


Grateful I am for your help, lost

I would be without you.


Thank-you for being by my side, and

For encouraging me to never give up.


My dearest friend, my

Silver pen.

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From Friendship to Love

The deepest love does not rest
In just lips or eyes
Or kisses or caress
Carried in gentleness
Across the wind,

But rather an emotion
That hangs on your thoughts
Whether across meadows
Bathed in frozen dew
Or listening to raindrops

Developing slowly over time
Like a detective novel
Opening up in soft layers
Until the meaning stares you
Straight in the face

Across borrowed harbo...

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